iPhone XS / XS Max vs iPhone X vs Samsung Note 9 Camera TEST

4K Camera Comparison – iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X. Which Smartphone wins? GIVEAWAY DETAILS:
1x iPhone XS Max
2x iPhone XS
3x Upcoming Honor Smartphone

Giveaway is free and International, and to enter you just need to be following my social media accounts!
Gleam link to participate: http://bit.ly/2OE98Z7

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39 thoughts on “iPhone XS / XS Max vs iPhone X vs Samsung Note 9 Camera TEST”

  1. XS photos make colors more realistic. The note 9 brightens everything up and sometimes way too much just as overdone automatic saturation.
    So XS photos look more natural.

  2. I see you're also from leicester haha. watching this cos I'm buying a replacement phone and going for the iPhone xs in this day and age

  3. After I watched your ultimate iphone comparison video, I went back to your old videos to hear again your end music last year. Whew. And I wonder will it change again for your 2020 reviews. 🤔😁

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