Is The iPhone 7 Plus Worth It in 2021? [Review]

How is the iPhone 7 Plus going to perform in 2021? Let’s find out!


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24 thoughts on “Is The iPhone 7 Plus Worth It in 2021? [Review]”

  1. I had iPhone X but downgraded to gold iPhone 7 plus 128gb because of my issue with OLED PWM causing eye pain. Love the 7 plus. Maybe will upgrade to 11 in a few years. I wish they would make IPS iPhones again..

  2. I’m finally changing after 2 years of owning it, I have taken good care of this phone but it has started to downgrade on me and I am afraid it may not lost through the rest of this year but I still will always look at this phone as one of my favorites the clean design and the home button are all amazing.

  3. Just got mine, its for my secondary device..just a 32gb option, on a's used and battery was changed, at 100%..just wonder why the battery drains quickly even if i just use it for utube vids..might have the battery changed after a month or 2 to a higher capacity..i noticed that it also heats up whenever in use..

  4. My dad has a iPhone 7 plus and he is about to upgrade his phone and give me that phone I have a moto g power but I think the iPhone might be a lot better for me I might actually do it and switch over to that. He took good care of it also.

  5. I just got my new iphone 7plus but I was disappointed because my iphone 6 is way better when it comes to dispaly and sharpness the iphone 7plus has a vague display and games on my phone looks awful and pale I regret buying it🥺

  6. I love the 7 plus! I customize and repair phones so i put a bigger aftermarket battery, touch active glowing apple logo mod on jet black and its amazing 🤩 256GB and otterbox defender case. complete set up

  7. Thanks for this video. I love my 7 Plus. Only glitch is the keyboard doesn’t turn on quickly in texts sometimes. Need to upgrade from 12.1.4 to 14.3. I hope that goes well! Battery is at 86% and I usually get all day usage.

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