IT'S BACK! – RhinoShield SolidSuit Review – iPhone XS and iPhone 8

Holy crap! It’s the new Evolutive Labs Solid Suit! If you’ve been watching my channel for several years, you’ll know that I reviewed the first iteration of the SolidSuits and I absolutely LOVED them.

Do I have the same weepy like feelings with the new Solid Suits? I don’t mostly because the new SolidSuits don’t handle as well BUT that shouldn’t stop you from buying one because the new SolidSuits are REALLY nice cases. And they also quite tough.

In fact, the only thing that comes to mind when I’m using the new Solid Suits is “Damn, these are nice buttons”.

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The Solid Suit is now #3 on my Top 10 slim iPhone case list. As a funny sidetone, it actually bumps the Rhinoshield MOD and Crashguard out of the Top 10 list.

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**Design** – 00:01:30

When it comes to design, the Solid Suits are quite similar to the RhinoShield Mod and Crashguard. In fact, the edges of the case are almost identical.

The Solid Suit’s in general won’t add a lot of bulk to your iPhone which is nice given the amount of protection it will offer.

Your choices of backs for the SolidSuit include a normal plastic back which is a bit boring, several different wood backs which include a black oak, dark walnut and light walnut, a carbon fibre back, a leather back and my personal favourite, the microfibre cloth back.

The microfibre cloth back stands out to me because it’s different. If you’ve watched some of my latest videos, you’ll notice that I’ve been on a not-wood, TPU or plastic kick. Honestly, my iPhone feels better in the microfibre cloth back than the other cases.

The case fits tightly around the iPhone and is actually quite hard to take off BUT that’s a good thing. The buttons on the case are customizable and despite not being physically being attached to the case, aren’t loose. If you’re looking to differentiate your iPhone slightly , get a set of coloured buttons when you order the Solid Suit. I personally prefer these tiny pops of color rather than the over-the-top designs of other build your own case products.

The Solid Suit actually slides around less than the Mod and Crashguard which is a good thing. My biggest complaint with the Solid Suit is that the edges are a little slick for my liking.

The handling of the case will also be effected by the material you chose on the back. The Carbon Fibre back from my perspective offers the most texture for your hands followed by the Microfibre case. The leather cases aren’t too bad with the normal and wood cases offering the least amount of texture.

**Functionality** – 00:05:17

When it comes to accessing your iPhone inside the Solid Suit, again “Damn, these are nice buttons”. Honestly, the button response makes it feel like there isn’t a case at all which is something I can’t say for other products. The mute switch is easily accessible through the larger than average cutout and the Lighting cable cutout is large enough for whatever 3rd party cable you plan on using.

With the SolidSuit, you get a choice of several different lenses. Check out MOD review for a complete breakdown of the lenses:

**Protection** – 00:08:25

For screen protection, the lip of the SolidSuit is quite high so it will keep your screen off a flat surface. However, drops on uneven surfaces will still be an issue so if you need the extra screen protection, go with their Impact Protection screen protector. With that screen protector, your iPhone is going to be nearly indestructible.

When it comes to protection, ShockSpread is pretty tough. If you want to see the full 11 ft drops, I’d recommend that you checkout the RHinoshield Mod review I did. As I mentioned before, the SolidSuit is larger than the Mod and Crashguard so it’s probably going to be a little tougher than those products. With my iPhone X in the Solid Suit, I have no problem doing a variety of awful things to the case.

**Comparison against other Evolutive Lab Products** – 00:11:07
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29 thoughts on “IT'S BACK! – RhinoShield SolidSuit Review – iPhone XS and iPhone 8”

  1. Where's the top 10 list you're talking about here? Because, it's not on the Top 10 Slim iPhone 7 Cases (updated Feb. 1, 2017) on your website.

  2. I know it's an older video, but I just got a solid suit for my S20 and the edges were so slippery to me. I cut a strip of talon grip and put some along both edges and now it's so grippy, highly recommend.

  3. I Just got my MOD NX for 11 pro max Transparent back plate and OMG it’s like butter 🧈
    So so slippery. I almost drop my phone in the 1 May Day of use.
    It’s a nice case with the mods and all but not recommend for butter fingers tho.
    If the back plate wasn’t all expose prob will be much better.

  4. I don’t know if you’ll see my comment, but I want to thank you for your case and screen protector reviews. I bought the iPhone 8 Plus and chose the Rhinoshield SolidSuit and the 9H full glass screen protector. These are amazing products! I used your YouTube name and got discounts as well on Rhinoshield’s website. Thanks so much! Be well!! 🙂

  5. Aaron, believe it or not, my Otterbox Defender for my iPhone 6 has given up the ghost. I see you like the Rhinoshield solidsuit but it doesn't seem to be available for the 6 or 6s anymore. Any suggestions eh?

  6. Hey could anyone help me out.. really stuck on what one to buy for my iPhone X! The MOD NX or the SOLIDSUIT? Any recommendations please?

  7. Aaron, I repeated this question on the Catalyst Impact Protection video, but simply: which is your choice for phone and screen protection for a Samsung S10e: Solidsuit or the Catalyst? Thanks for the solid reviews!

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