New TNR-i Tenori ON iPad iPhone! – MOST DETAILED REVIEW – Part B – Hardware Software

The new APP! How does it compare to the original machine? I have both, so I’ll tell you in DETAIL. Subscribe to VJ Franz K, for the most entertaining and informative reviews of electronic music gear and apps!

32 thoughts on “New TNR-i Tenori ON iPad iPhone! – MOST DETAILED REVIEW – Part B – Hardware Software”

  1. @M2MiniMal You can now get a MIDI adaptor for your iDevice, such as the new Yamaha iMX1, which I have just reviewed in a new video. Use it to control any hardware synth with MIDI or virtual synths on your laptop.

  2. @gsarff1958 The answer is – how much do you like Tenori? ( And how much $ do you have? 😉 The machine is expensive, but it is a playable work of modern art, and yes – much more tactile with the buttons ( They click in slightly – aren't rubberized like a Monome or Electribe ) If possible, find a place where you can TRY one – if not, watch a lot of videos! We just filmed one tonight with TNR-i's MIDI / net synced to TNR-W (hardware) – you'll like it. Stay tuned and thanks for watching!

  3. @simple312 It doesn't "auto save" per se, but it may seem like that, because when you exit the app and return later, it will have the pattern still there? That is because iOS now leaves apps "running in the background" until you manually quit them. ( Read both manuals to understand, ) Basically, if you like your music as it sounds ( on this, or any app ) make sure to save it manually! ( In multiple versions, if you want. ) That's the best advice I can give.

  4. sorry, yes the manual talks about saving but not if it auto saves — asking since it wont let you overwrite your song files.

  5. has anyone found any documentation regarding saving? does it autosave your song/layers/blocks ? it seems like it does, but not sure.

  6. @M2MiniMal you can use it as a midi controller with logic on the mac with the core midi (os x) via wifi, so would think the same is possible w ableton. not sure about windows.

  7. @Rondoggy67 On the surface, it's basically the same. (Identical PCM etc) But if you REALLY listen, there is some difference? To decide WHAT that difference exactly IS I would have to spend a few hours listening to them side by side, with an identical sequence running in both. I suggest you read, and / or become a member of the US Tenori-on forum? Where there are many who have gone into extreme depth considering the complexity of Tenori-On playing.

    I hope that helps. Knowledge Is Power!

  8. @M2MiniMal Only a "toy" in the hands of the inexperienced, or unimaginative. 😉 Gorillaz and Bjork have used iPad on their latest albums, and now have apps of their own, and let's not forget the amazing Jordan Rudess from Dream theater. If you want .WAVs, try his new Sample Wiz, or many other apps which have this as a main focus. iPad is not meant as a direct replacement for a home computer studio – it's something new and different. Enjoy it for what it IS!

  9. @M2MiniMal I have not tried it yet, but it likely can send MIDI out, if you have a connector. (Various brands available.) There is no .WAV import YET, but it is a likely feature to be added – most other features of the Tenori-on hardware are represented, and it CAN do that. (There are even three empty spaces in the soundbank grid – at the lower right.)

  10. @psenesac That is an important question – Basically TNRi is a near perfect recreation of the amazing Tenori-on hardware instrument in software, plus the ability to jam with other players LIVE over the net! (see my latest video) Aurora has a similar user interface – different "personality" – and in depth virtual synthesis and effect options of it's own. (no net play yet?) I will make a comparison video soon… subscribe and check out my video reviews of Aurora in the mean time!

  11. @k8bushlover It does work on iPhone, i've seen it (Probably touch also.)
    though it is SMALL – use the zoom mode to help! or a stylus
    If you can afford it, iPad is GREAT for interesting music apps in general!
    (see my other videos)
    since you have a TNR-W, you could use either device as a "gateway" for the
    hardware machine to net jam. (connect by midi to it)

    I'm going to go on Game Center any minute now…

  12. Do you think it's workable on an iPhone/iPod Touch, or is the iPad really the only form factor feasible? I'd love to take part in the collaborative sessions some day (if I gain some skills!) and connecting w/ someone with a h/w TO probably not as likely. I see why it won't be on Android anytime soon, tho, if Game Center is integral

  13. @AMOKIAN too much gear, not enough time 😉 Still want more of both… Same to you, good beatz last night! Tenori doesn't yet have tap tempo ( my #1 feature request! ) but it can sync to MIDI tempo so we should do a drum machine jam sometime??

  14. @djhombre thanks! The sky's the limit, there are all kinds of interesting directions they could take with updating the app…( and the hardware too! with its updatable firmware) And tne enhaced MIDI connectivity exoands what we can do with it. Do I recognize your name from the Tenori On USA forum? that is an interesting place for discussion

  15. @freesoulvw 😎 Ok, no offense taken. As I see it, this is your $500 + 20 MIDI controller. 😉 There is a special Yamaha midi out cable which makes it usable as a controller, I believe? iPad really is an excellent value for electronic musicians, there are now SO many quality apps – even stars like Gorillaz and soon Bjork have album projects that feature it prominently! (When they can afford ANYthing they want)

  16. No,like I said I just noticed many people that do think the first review on the app store really means something. So much so that it is worth saying so. I am just pointing out that he wasn't and you were. No mention of contests. No harm meant. I didn't mean to offend if that is in fact what you got out of the post.

  17. @freesoulvw is this a contest or something? 😉 In the "wait for new apps / gear to be released" game, "we're all in this together", so to speak.

    To answer your question, there is a "song mode" on Tenori that perhaps could be used to export an entire session… I will definitely be looking into this shortly.

  18. One last 'real' question now. Is there a record type function that allows you to record the performance and then either copy/paste it out to other apps,email the song,or do the iTunes file share method. That would be great if I could use TNR performance in other apps or DAWs.

  19. Now all yamaha needs to do is make a $100 midi controller like the ableton launch pad thing. That way we can use the TNR app like the real thing. That way yamaha can make a pc/Mac version and actually get the tenori experience into the hands of more then ever. Just a thought.

  20. It's funny when guys write reviews for the AppStore thinking they are the first reviewer and they gloat about it. I say this app drop in the first five minutes. I actually refreshed right when it dropped. I went right to you tube and saw that you had a part 'a' review for the app and that's when I told you about it. If I hadn't had so many questions I would have picked it up then. It's not a big deal. I just thought it was funny when I saw that reviewer when I knew for a fact that you really we

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