Official Apple iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max Clear Case Review

In today’s video we’ll be taking a look at the official Apple Clear Case for the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. With an extremely expensive price-point, is this clear case the best answer to showcasing the new exciting Midnight Green iPhone?

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25 thoughts on “Official Apple iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max Clear Case Review”

  1. Hello everyone can I ask something? Because my parents got an iphone 11 pro max but we notice that there is a plastic cover at the back of the phone usually i only see a plastic cover in the screen itself but this time both the back and front of the phone have plastic cover the seller told me that the new release iphone really have plastic cover both back and front. Can you clarify this if its true? I hope someone can help me here

  2. Overpriced piece of crappy plastic. I can find something similar to that for around 5 bucks only, you are scammed my friend, paying big bucks for something worth very little.

  3. I’m returning mine. The buttons are way too stiff and quite slippery. It also makes a cheap plasticy creak sounds when I’m gripping the phone. Best clear case for me as of yet is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case.

  4. Does the front have a raised lip around the edge to keep the display off the surface when placing the iPhone face down? Is there something similar to protect the cameras when placed face up?

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