Pitaka MagCase/MagCase Pro iPhone XS Review – Qi-Charging is useful now?

So if you’ve been watching my videos for a while, you’ll know that I think wireless charging on the new iPhone XS isn’t great. BUT my disdain for Qi-charging has changed slightly after I started using the Pitaka MagCase and MagCase Pro for a couple of weeks.

Why? Because magnetic car mounts are way better than normal car mounts and having the wireless charging capability is really just a cherry on top of my car mount sundae.

If you’re looking for a minimalist case get the regular MagCase. If you want something tougher with a bit more texture, consider the MagCase Pro if you’re in the market for a tougher case. I think it would make a great alternative to the Rhinoshield SolidSuit or Mous Limitless.

See how much the Pitaka MagCase or MagCase Pro is on Amazon:

Amazon US: https://mreh.ca/2v477wL
Amazon CA: https://mreh.ca/2v3zEme
Amazon UK: https://mreh.ca/2LmtJnp
Amazon DE: https://mreh.ca/2v34GdT

Or get it on eBay: https://mreh.ca/2LluIUZ

What’s in the review video:

Pitaka MagCase Design: 00:01:14
Pitaka MacCase Pro Design: 00:02:30
Functionality of cases: 00:04:16
Protection: 00:06:10
Why Qi-Charging in a car sucks: 00:08:30
MagMount Qi Review: 00:09:35


The MagCase fits the iPhone quite well though parts of the case don’t conform to Apple’s case design specifications. The overall texture of the case is quite nice and gives your slick iPhone X extra texture that isn’t too abrasive.

When it comes to general wear and tear the case does show fingerprints easily and despite being marketed as having a high scratch resistant backing, will still scratch.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Pitaka, check out the cork cases from 15:21: https://mreh.ca/2Krujft

The MagCase Pro is completely different than the regular MagCase. I would say it’s more of a traditional iPhone case because it’s made from several layers, such as foam, TPU Frame’s and microfibre cloth.

The iPhone won’t slide around easily on the front or back of the case and unlike the MagCase, the edges of the grip have ridges that make the case handle quite well but are quite noticeable.


The regular MagCase doesn’t have any button covers so you won’t have any issues with iPhone access. The bottom is fully exposed so you can use whatever 3rd party plug you want.

For the MagCase Pro, the iPhone’s buttons are easily reached through the edge of the case. They have a nice response to them and come close to the feel of the iPhone inside a Catalyst Impact Protection and not as mushy as the Mous Limitless v2.

When it comes to functionally, the standout feature of both Pitaka cases are the tiny magnets embedded along the inside of the case. They’re laid out in a manner that do not obviously interfere with the Qi-charging functionality of the iPhone.


The biggest difference between the two products is the protection. The MagCase Pro is apparently three times drop-rated while the regular MagCase offers protection that rivals several layers of paper towel.

If you’re not terrible with your iPhone and just need something to prevent excessive scratching on your device, go with the MagCase.

Just make sure you put on the free screen protector because the edges of the case are extremely low.

Onto MagCase Pro which is a much tougher case. When it comes to drops, Pitaka employs the usual air pockets in the corners though I do like their description of the corners as they use the word AirBag. The side of the case also has a series of air pockets which help with the impact protection of edge drops.

Now from my experience in dropping iPhone cases, I know that my iPhone X is going to be fine when it comes to corner drops in the MagCase Pro. I’m not confident when it comes to face first drops because the case edges are quite pliable.


The MagMount Qi is a slightly evolved vent mount as the entire surface of the mount is much larger than your average magnetic mount.

Now there are a couple of downsides to this mount. The first thing is that it doesn’t come with a cable. And the second downside is that it doesn’t come with a power source.


But with all things considered, I’ve been a fan of how easy it is to use the product when I’m driving. It just works!

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47 thoughts on “Pitaka MagCase/MagCase Pro iPhone XS Review – Qi-Charging is useful now?”

  1. Wonder why Pitaka doesn’t sell the MagCase PRo for the 11 Pro Max on Amazon US. I wonder if there is another option that can be used with the Pitaka Car Mount while still providing wireless charging. If you know of an option, please let me know. I wanted more protection than the slimmer case. Thanks much.

  2. The Pitaka pro case was dropped from 50 feet and the phone and case were fine. Someone did a video dropping 11 phones and the pitaka did the best. 50 feet!

  3. Great video, I have been using the Baseus big ears Qi vent mount charger, which on the surface if a beautiful solution. However, to get it to work, I had to get the thin metal circular pad, remove it from the thin faux leather wrap and then put it in the back of my iPhone 11 case – Issue with all that is that with the majority of cases they're too thick and then it doesn't grab well. The magnets are in the mount, not the case. I would LOVE to get this case but if the magnets are in the case, I'm concerned that it will not grab to the magnets of the Baseus mount (magnet to magnet). Any thoughts on this?

  4. I bought this phone on amazon based on your review and only after the purchase you mentioned your amazon links in the description. Hope a sub and share helps. Keep up the great videos and just all around awesome attitude.

  5. I love all of your reviews and they have helped me decide on cases for all of my devices as well as car mounts. I recently purchased both the Mous Limitless 2 and Limitless 3 cases for my wife's and my iPhones and was wondering if either of those would be compatible with the MagEZ car mount.
    Thanks for all of your time, effort and work that you put into the videos.

  6. Just watching this video for the first time and noticed you said a Scrubs quote from Dr. Cox in the first season and the first episode awesome

  7. Don't buy PITAKA products, they are crap and their custoemr service is crap! My case started to peel within 5 weeks and they wouldn't replace and wouldn't provide logical or reasonable explanation as to why this happens to their product. Over priced products who spend more money on packaging than customer satisfaction, i will never buy their products again!!!!

  8. Can I use the magcase pro together with a Belkin tempered glass curved screen protector? I have the regular magcase and it works with the tempered glass screen protector, but I have read complaints from some people claiming the magcase pro does not work with the Belkin glass screen protector?

  9. Thank you so much for this video I was so curious how it stacked up vs the Mous in terms of those corner drops your experience in this area is exactly what I needed. Going with the mous

  10. Very interesting! Thanks a lot for this cool report, I really appreciate it!
    I'm thinking about to buy this magnetic qi charger for a while now. The only reason I didn't buy it yet, is that I couldn't figure out if my mouse limitless2 case will work on the Pitaka mount because the mous case is magnetic itself. I'm not sure, if the polarity will be right. Have you ever tried that ensemble? Please let me know!

  11. You should try Magbak. That thing is MAGIC.

    Though it didn’t have any mount with built in qi wireless charger.

  12. Hi there, I was interested in your mount reviews. I bought the Pitaka mount and it works well, but, I did discover that the Pitaka fan and lighted mount stay on, as one of the USB ports stays live all the time, when when the car is off. Also, I found that my phone got very hot, a combination of the sun coming through the windshield and the QI charging. Have you ever considered doing a review on mounts that keep your phone cool? Love your reviews! Keep up the good work.

  13. is the magnetic strong??? im just afraid that going over bumps and humps will drop the phone, Can someone verify this? much thanks

  14. Hello, I just thought you would be interested, I purchased both eh Pitaka MagCase and the Pitaka MagCasePro and the Pitka charger to use with my iPhone Xr. I love the concept and wireless charging in my car, so I can just grab and go with my phone. However, I use a navigation app called Co-Pilot. I discovered, to my horror, that the Pitaka case and car Qi Charger had not been charging my phone, as the app seems to draw more power on the processor, and the Pitaka could not keep up with the draw. Having spent over $150 on the two cases and the Qi Charger, and it will not work in charging my phone while I am using the phone in the car. Just thought you would like to know. Regards, Tom

  15. Hey I have the same case but I bought mine for the iPhone XS max and mine did not come with a microfiber cloth on the back Does your edges on your stick up on every side

  16. Do you have any newer tips on a magnetic case for XS MAX? The most important part of the case is the magnetic part.
    Not for charging but for my magnetic holder in the car

  17. Love the great videos and Monty!
    Have been using the Scosche Magic Mount Pro Charge for a few months and really like it. Speck do a compatible Presidio case for the iPhone X, but I am having difficulty finding something compatible for the iPhone XS Max, and its almost upgrade time!
    Have you tried out Scosche yet?

  18. I think you should do a short revisit on the pro, the xs version is thinner and lighter with some different material choices than the x

  19. Hello, can you please test the Nomad rugged leather case for the iPhone XR ?
    Is it also so strong in a drop test like the mous case or the rhinoshield ?
    Trank you very much
    Greatings from Germany

  20. Have you tried the mous limitless case with the pitaka Qi charger? If so, does it work well together as in does the phone “stick” well on the mount? And does it continuously charge as in no interruption?

  21. Corner drops from pocket height with the Mag Case easily result in de-lamination of the case material. Happened twice to me on tarmac and then on smooth tiles. No phone damage, but very unsightly case after the drop. Very expensive considering this issue.

  22. Hey Aaron! 🙂 I just wanted to share my experience with these as they have changed the designs on the MagCase Pro and MagMount Qi charger.
    Pitaka MagCase Pro for iPhone XS Max – the microfibre inside is no longer there; the sides no longer have the grooved pattern on them. Their website shows this new design very well. My case is also like this, the front side of the case only has raised corner edges and the sides are lower (a fraction below screen protector level) which allows for very good side swiping when using the screen. Even the lower edge is lower which really helps the up-swipe gesture when unlocking and using the phone. My case weighs 41g but my scales are not the best. Overall, it is very well made, I do however, feel slightly sharp edges along the rear where the Aramid carbon fibre meets the raised lips. I find this a little annoying.
    Pitaka MagMount Qi – this has been redesigned since your reviews. It is a 7.5w USB-C Qi charger AND the USB-C cable is included! Yes, it's in the box when you buy it! lol. Brilliant. BUT, one caveat here – the cable is USB-C to USB-C so it will not fit the usual older car charger ports. I bought a CHGeeks 36w fast charger which has both USB-A and USB-C ports on it. This charger is a PD fast charger via the USB-C port (as long as you have the Apple USB-C to Lightning lead). NOTE: Pitaka's website is still showing a free USB-A to USB-C lead. This is not the case and I emailed them about this fact. Strange the website shows this.
    I do not know how fast my iPhone will charge via 7.5W Qi charging via USB-C, this is something I want to test when I am driving a long distance so I can fully time the charge, etc.
    Any chance you can get a hold of these later versions and update your review? Thanks again 😀

  23. I've been using a Pitika carbon aramid case for quite some time now and it has stood very well, it has very minimal wear on it, you have to really take time looking around it to find any evidence it's been doing its job so well for a good amount of time now. I would highly recommend to anyone to get yourself a Pitika carbon case. Ten out of 10!

  24. Thanks for the great video. If you are looking for topics, it would be interesting to see a round of up cases with magnets in them, like Pitaka, Rokform, and Mous.

  25. MagMount update – I just received the new version, which I had no clue they were making, anyway, this MagMount is USB Type C and comes with a USB type C to USB type C cable in the box. It looks like they are providing faster wireless charging as the website says it is a 7.5W version. I am not sure what wattage the Micro-USB version was that is in your video. Maybe worth another review? Either way, you now get the cable as well, so that's a great improvement for the price 🙂 The BAD – I only own a USB-A car charger plug so now I've had to spend another £12.99 to get wireless charging​ when I already have a wired lead! LOL, yup, I am mad, what am I doing?
    I went back to the website and they are showing USB-A to Type C so I'm not sure if I've​ been sent the wrong cable or what.

  26. It’s too bad they changed the MagCase Pro for the Xs. They removed the felt lining and the lip around the screen is no longer there, only he four corners are raised.

  27. This is the first video I’ve watched of you, addition of dog 👍
    Then when you broke out your favourite rock u got urself another sub 👍👌😂

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