Razer ArcTech Slim & Pro THS Edition Review – iPhone 11 Cooling Gaming Cases

So Razer makes gaming cases. That’s neat. The standout marketing claim on Razer’s Arctech cases is that they will improve performance and battery life. By keeping your device cool.

So do they? The short answer is generally Yes! 

Now I’ve come to this conclusion after spending way too much money on a thermal imaging camera and way too much time playing games on my iPhone.

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In this video, I’m going to review both slam the Arctech Slim, praise the Arctech  Pro and then show you what I did in order to prove Razer isn’t trying to pull a fast one over our eyes with their claim of making your iPhone run better by running cooler.

At MobileReviews Eh! Monty and I base our reviews on actual usage. So when a company like Razer puts out the ludicrous claim that their case can cool your iPhone, well, Monty decided to put that claim to the test. I was happy just regurgitating Razer’s marketing fluff like all the other “reviewers” do.

So I dropped a $100 dollars on the Arctech Slim and Pro THS and $25 bucks on a laser thermometer. Now you’d think this would all I needed to test Razer’s claim but did you know , laser thermometers doesn’t work on the back of iPhones? It works on windows, on mirrors but on the back of the iPhone, the temperature measurement constantly changes with distance.

So to do this review right, I needed something better. So I went and bought a FLIR One Pro. I know. I’m committed. #ReviewerNotInfluencer

Honestly, I am not kidding about the wet-paper towel. The case doesn’t actually extend past the bottom of your iPhone so if you were to drop it accidentally while texting, the only thing stopping your iPhone from breaking, is your iPhone. In that instance, a wet paper towel might actually provide more protection than this Razer case.

So is the Arctech Pro editions any better? They are. From a case perspective.

Does Thermaphene work?
So mobile gaming is a big thing right? It is. iOS developers have made close to 100 billion dollars and most of that is through gaming. Check out my IMHO episode for the full story.

So with these Arctech cases, Razer’s probably looking to capture the hearts of some hardcore Candy Crushers? The unique feature of the Arctech case is a layer of material called Thermaphene.

And as I said at the beginning of the video, I think it actually works.

Now if you’re wondering what’s the easiest way to get your iPhone all hot and bothered, it is NOT gaming but rather recording hours upon hours of slo-mo video. The hottest my iPhone got while playing COD mobile was ~37 degrees whereas my slo-mo video method was ~44.5 degrees.

For each of my tests, I would capture 7 minutes of slo-motion video, and then record the temperature using my Flir One Pro before taking off the case and doing another reading immediately after. 

For the Razer Arctech THS Pro, the iPhone was at 42.7 degrees right after case removal which was around 1.5 degrees different. I did this test a couple of times and thought “huh, it must work”.

But I was curious to see how other cases did so I ran the exact same test with mostly a bunch of cases from the Top 10 list which included the UAG Monarch, the Otterbox Symmetry, the Mous Contour, the Apple Silicone case, Pitaka MagCase Pro, the Spigen Tough Armor and the Catalyst Impact Protection.

So out of this grouping of cases, Pitaka Magcase was the worst, followed by the Catalyst Impact Protection, then the Mous Contour, UAG Monarch, Symmetry and Tough Armor.

So the iPhone in the Razer cases were generally 1 degree C cooler was generally cooler than all the other cases. So Razer’s not trying to pull a fast one on us. Which is a good thing.

But how much will a 1 degree change effect on your iPhone? Your iPhone isn’t like a custom gaming rig where each the manufacturer of each part generally has no idea which part it’s going to be used with so you had to tinker a lot of you wanted to maximize your rig. 
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39 thoughts on “Razer ArcTech Slim & Pro THS Edition Review – iPhone 11 Cooling Gaming Cases”

  1. TOTALLY unwilling to get a case that doesn't go past the edges of the phone. That's embarrassing.
    Also, why do any cases not have rubber to stop sliding?

  2. Hello! I was wondering if you could test the incipio optum, otterbox gaming, and razer archtech pro cases on the iPhone 13 pro/pro max. Your tests and channel are amazing. Things I'm most curious about are: is less screen dimming noticed, and does it take longer when playing games like genshin impact for the screen to dim (say, to 80%). Testing the cases both with, and without low power mode on would be fantastic, as MaxTech foundd that LPM helped out with the throttling and dimming issues. I'd love to know which of those cases reduces dimming the most, and helps maintain the highest fps when gaming on things like wild rift, genshin impact, and pokemon unite.

  3. It comes down to price. 2 degrees cooler is fantastic. Paying a huge premium for 2 degrees cooler is not. The fact no one else has cooling holes in their case is mind boggling

  4. You forgot to mention how heat affects battery, so maybe not only for performance this 1 decree will make difference (maybe in loooong period of gaming) but also its very very healthy for the battery over time. Considering you use the phone for at least a year this should turn out to be good investment for keeping that bat health at good shape.
    Edit: Forgot to add the main advantage for me is that it helps heat dissipation so the faster heat moves away from phone the better for battery and performance

  5. Dude, when I was watching you explain this for over 9 minutes or so, while making so many hand gestures by trying to explain your reviews, I felt bad for your dog every time he sees you talk. There was too much hand gestures throughout the video. For a second, with those hand movements, I thought you were going to hit your dog's head by accident with you moving your arms and hands too much by getting almost in the way of your dog. It seems like he also finds you interesting & has really invested his attention on those phone cases. Or maybe he was waiting for you to give him a treat or take him for a walk. But that doesn't matter, anyways, these are interesting points & a great insight on the two cases. I'm glad I got the Arch-tech Pro THS Edition. It works for me.

  6. how can you review anything if you cant read the side of the infrared thermometer that explains as your add distance between the device and the desired object it increases the targeted radius that is measured.

  7. You can buy here: https://invol.co/clsnep

    Razer Arctech Slim for iPhone 11 Pro Max – Black

    Thin profile with improved phone performance with Thermaphene


    Scratch Protection

    Thermaphene Performance

    Lose the Wires


    Razer’s proprietary technology for improved heat dissipation during heavy usage. A thermally-conductive lining redirects trapped heat—keeping your phone cooler for longer.

    Soft microfiber lining gently protects phone from scratches

    Thermaphene performance layer collects and transfers heat away from device

    Exterior perforations increase airflow to dissipate heat


  8. It's important for the battery life.
    I have the Mouse limitless 3.0 and while I love the protection sometimes I am afraid it just keeps heat,not just from gaming as I game mostly on my ipad mini5, but even from wireless charging.And I even noticed it charges slightly slower than it should after I put the case on, and when I contacted them they told me it is possible to overheat a little thus the phone slowing the charging, cuz of their case, or their case's thickness slightly slowing the charging from the Qi charger….
    I am still pretty confused after the video tho I want a real good case like the limitless 3.0 that not to capture the extra heat inside or it will just ruin the battery faster…

  9. So i just feel like i should say that the laser temp gage is actually very accurate usually. The reason it changes with the iphone and distance is because the laser isnt what it uses to measure. It basically shoots out a forever growing cone and it gets wider and takes the average temp of everything in the base of that cone. So if u hold it right up to the iphone it will be consistent. If you walk away it will get the temp of the phone and other things in that cone base

  10. Did u made your money back? Techs is 10€ atm per 1k clicks, you should be fine as hell with 60k clicks on this 🙂 suming to 6000€ minus tax is still 2500€ ish

  11. The white version has a softer smoother feeling that lets it slide easy, the black version has more of a rubber feel and doesn't slide so easy.

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