Review: Apple's NEW MagSafe Wallet Now Works With Find My!

This is Apple’s new MagSafe Leather Wallet that now works with the Find My app to locate it when it is removed from your phone. Unfortunately, this is very limited. Here is how it works.

Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe:

Chapters ➡
0:00 Intro
0:33 Physical changes
2:41 Setup and initial pairing
3:48 Smart notifications

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26 thoughts on “Review: Apple's NEW MagSafe Wallet Now Works With Find My!”

  1. Mine just came in the mail today and I was able to slide 2 credit cards with raised numbers and 1 flat driver’s license no problem

  2. But why you want to attach your precious wallet to your phone at all and not put it in your safe pocket when you don't need it? I don't see the reason but seeing people on YouTube but it and actually use it make me do wonder and want to try it even u able to see our of it

  3. I wonder if this is a hardware feature or if it could have just been done with software. It seems silly that it only works with the 2nd generation if it doesn't even support Bluetooth or U1 tracking. The wallet just uses NFC to identify itself to the phone so I feel like this could be done with software where the moment the NFC connection from the 1st generation wallet is lost, it also shows you a notification that it has become detached no?

  4. The fact that the info is on it so people can contact you is great but it’s the ability of people doing that right thing haha .. I am thinking of buying one but I got a pop socket MagSafe wallet and it’s great but apples great too

  5. All good and fun, until you buy a magnetic phone mount that charges your phone at the same time. When I’m about to drive, I have to remove the wallet and put it somewhere in my car, until I arrive, and switch (and remember to put it back). Meanwhile my phone says I left my wallet at home, even though it’s right next to me. I hope they come up with some type of workaround.

  6. Got mine today for my iPhone 13 Pro Max in golden brown leather. It’s ok. I like it and it pairs well with my golden brown leather case.

  7. They’ve apparently shipped out a bunch of bad ones so if you get a bad one don’t fret just get a new one don’t let anybody including me Apple Store tell you there’s anything wrong with your phone just stick a new wallet on there it’ll be fine they made a bunch of bad ones

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