Review: iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case – Now with Camera shortcut!

Subscribe now ► – The new iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case is here, providing 50% additional power to your iPhone, seamless iOS integration, and a new Camera button shortcut to quickly launch the Camera app. Read full review:

Available at Apple for $129:
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38 thoughts on “Review: iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case – Now with Camera shortcut!”

  1. U want the truth is too heavy .case with iphone is alomst 350 gram same weight as like iPad Pro 12,9.bulk is no problem but the weight omg i hated my phone and even iphone name because of that battery case .for iphone xs max no body can carry this case for longer than one day

  2. I've been using the Moment Battery Case on a iPhone 7 plus for a couple of years. Love/hate as the lightening connection is for power only and you need to be taking the case off/on to do many simple tasks (and often forget about the phone/case connection being the source of the malfunctions). Lesson learned: Go with Apple fully certified transparent interconnections (Read the fine print and carefully consider what it means in the long run if there are exceptions). That said I love the dedicated camera button on the Moment Battery Case but wish the camera apps would consistently recognize it – it's really simply an extension of the volume control on that case. Hint: You can use the volume buttons to trigger a shot.
    Camera geeks have plenty of occasions to drop the phone and the battery case with its hump and lense recess offer great protection. The hump and shutter button (along with the instant camera access it provides) make it a lot easier/quicker to catch the fleeting shot. As far as I'm concerned (the iPhone is a camera first and a phone second) it's a must have. I'll be picking up a new iPhone Pro Max and Apple Smart Battery Case this evening (or at lease ordering one at the local Verizon Store). That's another love/hate relationship…

  3. To those that think this is silly that was including me at one point. Once I went dual sim my battery man oh man. I’m buying one stat.

  4. The most striking aspect of the design of this case is that it has a hump in the back, inside which is the battery. As expected, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case adds weight and, above all, thickness to the iPhone, although to be fair it is not excessively annoying.

    Perhaps the most complicated thing is to enter and take out the iPhone from your pocket if you wear tight pants due to the extra thickness that the battery adds.

    As for the contour around the front, there is practically no difference with a conventional case and, in fact, if you look at the Apple iPhone 11 Pro in front with the case on, you will hardly notice a difference with a conventional case.

    Here you can find my opinion and review

  5. I got the one for the 11. I’m a big fan of battery cases. There’s so much battery on the 11 already that I’ll only have to charge it like every other day haha

  6. Ok so why do you need a camera button when you already can use the volume button or just touch the screen????

    It takes the same amount of time to swipe up and switch to the camera as it does to press and hold that button.

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