Reviewing EVERY iPhone Ever!

There have been 33 iPhones in 14 years. Let’s take a look at every single one of them! (Android version next?)

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0:00 Intro
1:52 The Original iPhone
3:50 iPhone 3G
4:48 iPhone 3GS
6:19 iPhone 4
9:00 iPhone 4S
9:44 iPhone 5
11:17 iPhone 5S
11:55 iPhone 5C
13:07 iPhone 6/6 Plus
15:05 iPhone 6S/6S Plus
16:37 iPhone SE
17:42 iPhone 7/7 Plus
19:55 iPhone 8/8 Plus
20:22 iPhone X
22:28 iPhone XS/XS Max
23:05 iPhone XR
23:46 iPhone 11 Series
25:37 iPhone SE (2020)
26:35 iPhone 12 Series
28:15 iPhone 13 Series

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41 thoughts on “Reviewing EVERY iPhone Ever!”

  1. Apple did a good job on AirPods to where other companies had to make knock off versions like Samsung and a lot of unknown companies etc. So who’s the 1 laughing now. Apple lol.

  2. Wow. Why am I just now finding you?
    I’m holding out for the 14. Currently have XMax
    Here’s my pause.. I’ve been an iPhone user since 3G. However for 3 days I tried an Android but returned it and got the iPhone 5.
    The muscle memory is so strong I can’t make my thumbs obey! But I think I want to try an Android again. Reason- the camera. As a photographer I’m always grabbing my husbands Android to get the harder shots, low light or night shots mostly. But will my thumbs and my middle aged mind be able to let go? Also a huge problem for me has been storage. 11k photos and 200 apps on my phone cause slow down. I feel I want to be done with Apples so so camera and processor.
    Can I do it, will I do it?

  3. In addition to the phones, Apple makes insanely good phone cases. I've had the iPhone XR since February, it's currently July. I've used an Apple phone case the entire time. I have dropped my phone on concrete (face up AND face down), it doesn't have a scratch on it… yet lol.

  4. I like how Apple just told people not to leave their phone in the bathroom or don’t leave it in the sun, and now they just fix the problems lmao

  5. I have had the iPhone 4s, 5s, 6 plus, X, 11 and I just upgraded to the 13 pro max! The camera quality switching from the 11 to the 13 pro max is insane😳

  6. The first SE was my first iPhone. I loved it and made me switch from Android to iOS. It just felt like such a well designed phone with a reasonable price tag. Now I’m using a 13.

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