S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max – DON'T Make a Mistake!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max. Comparing the Design, Display, Camera, Performance, Features, Battery & Value. Which one is good for what and which one should you go for?

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20 thoughts on “S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max – DON'T Make a Mistake!”

  1. There's a scammer in the comments, pretending to be me and asking you to pay $60 for shipping an iPhone to you. He's using my profile picture and a "WhatsApp" number, as the name. AVOID and REPORT this person, please. The ONLY comments coming from me, would have a ZONEofTECH, followed by a tick, next to the name. Exactly like this pinned comment is. And I would NEVER ask you to pay anything or send me any personal details like that. If I am running a giveaway, I would mention that in the video, among with the winner.

  2. My S21 Ultra I portrait VIDEO automatically gives me a wide angle. Got my s22 ultra and it appears it is just regular video and not wide angle. Can someone please verify before I return my 22 ultra. Thank you.

  3. I own a shitty cricket wireless s9, I bought the s22 ultra. I think either way the 22 is a huge upgrade for me. I also didn't choose Iphone because they have so little features, why TF have they not added touch ID and iris detection to their phones!?

  4. You can go with any of these phones and you won't regret It. It comes down to the operating system. I despise iOS, so I use Samsung (android). Someone out there despises android, so they use an iPhone. Easy choice

  5. I would maybe upgrade to the S22 Ultra instead of an 13 Pro Max from my iPhone 7 Plus if I didn't have the Apple Watch. Nothing would make me change my AW to any other brand.

  6. Now i can respectfully say. Im sticking to iphone. Not because specs but the connivence it provides and reliability in a long run. I’m still using Iphone 7 plus as my daily driver. And still doing great. But i’ll still keep this when i’ll get the iphone 14 pro max variant. Apple is so reliable. Thats what im paying for.

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