Samsung Galaxy S20+ vs iPhone 11 Pro camera comparison – shocking revelations!

Finally, we have our #GalaxyS20+ camera comparison ready for you guys. Also, we have compared the pictures to our current favourite – the iPhone 11 Pro. There’s also a surprise in the video for you guys. Go check it out.

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46 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20+ vs iPhone 11 Pro camera comparison – shocking revelations!”

  1. Why no one never points out how the iPhone makes porcelain skin look orange? Instead of pointing it out, they say its a "warmer tone" no its not. Its the Donald Trump filter

    Samsung stock camera is ok. But omg Samsung pro video raw mode is a game changer. I just learned how to use pro video raw mode on the note. And I can honestly say, if you learn how to use pro video raw mode on the note, it's better than the iphone video. Especially at the 21:9 @24fps cinematic video 🤯

    Without pro video mode, the iPhone video is slightly better. Even the pro raw camera is 10x better than the stock camera on a Samsung phone

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    Samsung Pro video raw mode
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  2. Samsung S20 plus एकदम बकवास फोन है स्पीकर फोन या वीडियो प्ले करने पर back panel बहुत बुरी तरह से वाइब्रेट करता है आप स्पीकर पर 2 मिनट भी बात नहीं कर सकते और ना ही आप फोन को हाथ में लेकर वीडियो देख सकते हैं आपका हाथ फोन की वाइब्रेशन की वजह से सुन होने लगेगा

  3. I like your camera comparison videos very much. I am surprised why there are so less number of subscribers on your channel 🤔

  4. crisp and detailed review. How did I miss this in my feed. Now I'm subscribed. I picked S20 before watching this video and now I feel that's my decision is correct considering my usage pattern and budget. Overall iPhone is more consistent than the S20 but in few scenarios it kills iPhone in sharpness and dynamic range. In difficult lighting conditions iPhone definitely beats S20 I feel. Thumbs up for iPhone camera consistency and their ecosystem. Blindly pick S20 over iPhone if you don't care about the ecosystem.

  5. I use an Iphone and 2 android phones as regular phones because I develop apps for them, and despite the benefits of high end android phones I can't still let go from the beautiful ui of iOS 13 and the animations and general speed not just in the interface, but receiving emails, connecting to services from google and microsoft..and the integration with the's just fenomenal really! Also regarding cameras since the 7 iPhone videos blow away android phones, and they are stilll doing so, because of what? yeah! the software!!!

  6. Colour accuracy is good on Iphone ,but detail is best on samsung . Samsung need to fix about beautifying the pictures. Samsung is moving towards oppo and vivo phones 😂. Beautification are not good when we are serious photographer ….tiktok people loves beautification.. 😂

  7. You keep saying the iPhone colors are more accurate and pleasing, but you look like shit on the iPhone. Pale, washed out and sometimes even greenish

  8. Well it's a big leap taken by Samsung in camera department. As usual they innovate and do experiments with their phones…Camera is good only 1 or 2 updates within a month or 2 will make it the best camera on a smartphone till today.

  9. Apple Sheep:-
    When iPhone legitimately has a better camera:- Fuck Samsung, iPhone is best, no comparison.
    When Samsung wins:- Ehhhh, iPhone has a more natural image (edits picture before posting 😑)

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