Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Vs iPhone 13! (Comparison) (Review)

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Vs iPhone 13! (Comparison) (Review)

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32 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Vs iPhone 13! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. At least with android when the software stops being supported you can get all latest apps and updates, on iPhone it will just block you and say that you need a newer version and the hardware on Samsung is a million times better than iPhone

  2. I found it quite amazing that you spent 4 minutes of 10 minutes talking about response times!! Is a few milliseconds going to matter in the scheme of using a phone? I think you had your mind made up from the start. You like the iPhone 13 based on the response times as that's what you mainly talked about?

  3. I literally have the iPhone 13 in my hands. Why no 120h rate that sucks. This phone was not cheap. Apple do better. Now I'm thinking of switching to samsung s21 fe

  4. Apple phones : better camera, smoother user interface ( no lag , stutter or slow etc) and better battery
    Samsung Android: better multi tasking and customisable heats up too quickly

  5. After using an iPhone since the iPhone 5, I will say that Samsung might not last as long, but who keeps their phone for 6 years? Chances are that if you watch tech review channels, you probably go through cell phones at least every two years, if not more. You can definitely do a lot more with an android than you can with IOS. Also, found that even some of the most basic apps cost money on iOS where they are free on an android.

  6. I know this channel is pro iphone, but this is just willful ignorance if you decide to ignore that fact that the whole world knows Samsung now gives 3 major OS updates and 1 extra year of security updates. Plus the fact is the people who use their phones for 5 years or so don't care about updates or new hardware. The people who do hold on to it for 3 years max.

  7. Iphone Lasts Longer concept needs to be seriously re-evaluated.
    Iphone 13 already lacks 120hz HRR, Telephoto lens, Faster charging etc. S21 FE would also get new features for 3 years and not just Android updates. Meanwhile ios which is quite restrictive on iphone 13 unlike Android will not receive any fancy features of latest iPhone's, only ios updates. I remember older iPhone's not receiving Night-mode as well although they were very much capable, meanwhile the budget Samsung devices got the Night-mode just like their expensive siblings.
    After 4 years, your iphone or any device for that matter starts to look like a relic as the tech is moving quite fast now. That ugly notch adds to that depreciation.

  8. I am currently writing this on a 21fe and I also have a iPhone 13 I was given from my job. One thing I like about the iPhone is the performance seems to be more consistent. For example if I run a geekbench score on an iPhone 13 the performance is basically always the same whereas on my Samsung below 40% the performance scores drop dramatically. In a lot of ways I just prefer the iPhone and not to bash Samsung but I find the interaction between you and your phone less cumbersome on the iPhone.

  9. I think what most reviews fail to tell people about difference out the gate is that Android phones come with the Google Suite. It's a lot of people depend on Google apps and services. Even ios users. So if people compare the 2 now. Need to bring this up. Also with Samsung phones you get your carrier apps and of course Microsoft suite and apps like Facebook, Spotify, Netflix and YouTube apps. Lol πŸ˜‚ iphone users always have to reinstall these apps! They shouldn't have to bro. Facts

  10. Lmao are you even updated with tech? Samsung has upgraded their software update policy since 2019 which makes all their flagship phone and some mid rangers receive up to 3 years of OS update and 4 years of security updates..
    Are you even a tech channel? LoL

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