Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max CAMERA Comparison!

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00:00 Part 1: Videos
03:16 Part 2: Photos
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07:29 Part 3: Night Mode
10:33 Part 4: Selfies
11:38 Part 5: Summary

22 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max CAMERA Comparison!”

  1. Hey Chaps! Big question… which phone won?? (Here's a link to my originial full-res photos:

    PLEASE don’t respond to scam comment replies saying you’ve won a competition 😡

    I'll also keep you updated if a S22 update arrives and improves the camera (and for those asking, yes I’m using the Exynos model) 👍

  2. From what I've saw, all images from iPhone 13 Pro Max is making an Englishman look yellow. Hmm.. why people still claiming iPhone image look more natural and true to color? Or new generation Englishman supposing look like a Yellow man?

  3. I’m so confused…people said the 13 pro max captured the night mood perfectly even thought it might’ve been a little dark and contrasty on the photos, but latest comparisons show the photos flat…did they tweak the software due to complains? Photos look more like the 12 pro max now

  4. they r both having a great camera honestly .. but i trust samsung more when it comes to screens and cameras .. after all samsung r more expert in cameras since the 80s .. far more than apple who start to make a camera phone from 2006 .. so experience always wins

  5. Lovely video as always!
    Also,the fact that you shot the video after downing a couple of beers was pretty solid 😅
    Yes,your eyes gave it away,but,you seemed even more relaxed than usual!
    Anyway,I own the iPhone 13 Pro Max,but off late,finding it a tad bit boring. I love it,but,it isn’t exciting.
    Now I’m eyeing the S22 Ultra,thinking it’ll make the perfect combination of both worlds.

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