Samsung S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Test

Full Camera test comparison between Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max, including Zoom, Macro, 4K video, Mic test and more – which is the best smartphone camera in 2022? For the S22 Ultra BATTERY Test:

0:00 Intro
0:28 Fun
1:56 Macro
2:22 Zoom
3:42 Portrait Mode
4:43 Audio
5:20 Stabilisation
6:38 Video
9:33 Night Mode
11:50 Day Photo
12:54 Slow Mo
13:31 Selfies
14:12 Front Video
14:28 Conclusion

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39 thoughts on “Samsung S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Test”

  1. I have always used samsung from galaxy s3 now i got s20 ultra but iphone portrait is what I love i don't edit pics taken by i phone 12 or 13 before uploading .

  2. S22 ultra is better than iphone in emulation, performance, camera and build quality
    From my experience
    I have used "IOS" for about 2 years And "Android" for 7 years and still using and android is better
    People say Android phones life is 3 years but using s7 from 5 years 7 months accept for charging issue the phone is perffect
    Apple always has a competitor (samsung)

  3. You should download the RAW app on the samsung i got it all the photos look like a dslr camera it captures 16 bit RAW images while iphone only handles 12 bit

  4. Was hoping for better update for the ultra's Cinematic video, but it sounds like it still doesn't compare to the new iPhone in that regard? Darn… never had an iPhone but that is enticing

  5. No fair, you compared iphone's last year flagship phone to samsung's this year flagship phone. I'll comeback when you finally make a fair comparison.

  6. You don't touch on recording videos in RAW format, which only the S22 Ultra will do. If you shoot in RAW, with the S22 you can adjust your videos just like you do with your professional, full-frame video camera. The Pro-Max does allow some adjustments in their "creator's mode," but the videos degrade with the Apple codec. The same is NOT true for the Ultra videos shot in RAW format. With the Ultra, you can your videos in post any way you want, just like with a pro video camera.

  7. Iphone will die faster than your 30 minute video takes to record
    Iphone at night has a really potent, and insane SPECK of light making it useless for nighttime footage.
    Slows really slowly, and has TERRIBLE battery life designed to make you buy a new one.
    Stay away.

  8. Obviously biased review. I have both that phone and Samsung is no near in quality to iPhone in still or video. I can say in daylight point and shoot photography of S22 ultra is comparable with iPhone X.

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