Should you buy iPhone SE in 2021?

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20 thoughts on “Should you buy iPhone SE in 2021?”

  1. I personally wouldn’t recommend this phone if you’re a heavy user and won’t have access to a charger at all times. I had it from January to November . The battery does so fast off your on YouTube social media etc. but the form factor plus home button was nice! Luckily I was able to charge my ph at work or it definitely wouldn’t have lasted all day especially with a 3 hr commute to and from work

  2. looking to buy this phone cause it's the cheapest newer iphone that i can afford. i mostly need it for facebook/instagram/gmail and messenger so i'm curious how long does the battery hold? i currently have honor 8x and i charge it every other day.

  3. I love the SE and all. But, I think people should wait out for the SE3. The SE2 hasn't dropped price like the iPhone 11 and the 12's. It makes it odd. If you're in for an upgrade and need the cheapest at this very moment. It's still good.

  4. U wana watch videos extensively buy an iPad or use ur other phone or tablet lying around. Who’s doesnt own multiple devices these days? Honestly I’m tired of bulky 6 or 7 inch screens and having to use 2 hands just to make a phone call or txt

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