Sony Xperia Pro-I vs iPhone 13 Pro CAMERA Review!

We review the new Sony Xperia Pro-I smartphone ($1,800!) vs the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max to see which as the better camera. The Xperia Pro-I is SO new that the software isn’t 100% ready, so Sony asked us to focus on the 24mm lens. We test it for vlogging, night photography, long exposures, and daylight photography.

20 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Pro-I vs iPhone 13 Pro CAMERA Review!”

  1. … but Sony wouldn't become a sinner if they had given the additional benefit of a good night mode (like Google, Samsung or Huawei). 😎

  2. iPhone is with AI calculation but Sony doesn't.

    Sony Xperia Pro-i is meant to be taking raw n edit.

    Not fair compare it with any phone on the market as this Sony latest phone are not design for shoot n post on FB or Instagram. 😅

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