Spigen GlasTr Full Cover Camera Lens Protector Review for the iPhone 11's

So are the Spigen GlasTr Full Cover Camera lens protectors better than the Zagg ones? Absolutely. Are they better than the protectors from Shellrus or Rhinoshield?

That will depend on you and how you want your iPhone to look. A giant pane of glass or tiny pieces of glass with colored rings on them.

For the impatient, this product is going to be the best used with a case, specifically a clear case. From a protection standpoint, it’ll add a tiny bit of extra protection for your camera lens. It’ll be the equivalent of trying to block a punch to the gut with a piece of paper.

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At MREH, Monty and I base all our reviews on actual usage. That means using products that we think are silly. Like camera lens screen protectors. Check out that video to find out why.

For $15 USD, Spigen gives you two protectors. Which seems like a sweet deal when compared to the $10 dollar piece of junk that you get from Zagg.

Installation is simple. Wipe your camera lens on your sleeve, dab it with the dust sticker and stick it onto your camera lens. Now I sound nonchalant wit the install because it’s that simple.

The backside of the protector has cutouts to fit the camera lens. There’s no guess work. Slap it on and go.

Now unlike all the other camera lens protectors, the glass doesn’t have any adhesive so the glass just floats on top of the camera lens. Will this be an issue for the photo quality? More on that in a few minutes.

The only thing that isn’t covered on the back of the iPhone is the mic.

Now Spigen, claims that it has a hardness of 9H on the pencil scale which is correct since the protectors scratches between 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale.

The only protector that I’ve come across that’s actually going to provide actual scratch protection is the Shellrus one. On paper anyways, we’re still testing it.

There is an oleophobic coating on the protector but I haven’t been able to gauge the quality of it.

When it come to impact, well, it’s going to break if you can do a camera lens only drop. But that’s pretty hard to do. And if you do, don’t be disappointed when this thin piece of glass breaks easily.

I will note that if you do try to take this product off after installing it, you’re going to break it. AND if you do end up shattering this protector, make sure you cover it with some tape as a safety measure. Again, there isn’t any adhesive on the clear parts of the protector so there is nothing keeping glass from going every where.

Now the reason I say this is a great product for a clear case is because you have the option to get a different color than the one you have for your iPhone. It’s a different aesthetic if you’re into that.

My biggest issue with this product are the edges. They are very noticeable on a bare iPhone. The camera area of the iPhone is bumpy BUT doesn’t have many sharp edges. The sharpest edge is probably the lens itself but its has a bit of chamfering. The glass on the Spigen GlasTr full cover camera lens protector

Alright, onto the big question, does this camera lens protector mess with your photo or video quality? Remember, there’s no adhesive on the glass.

Let’s start with the biggest culprit which is the flash. It’s going to suffer a bit since the protector basically adds a 1 mm wall around the flash bulb which means you’ll lose the flash at the edges of your photograph.

Will this be noticeable? Probably not since when you’re taken flash photos, you’re subject is usually in the middle BUT it’s still limiting the full potential of your device.

Next up are photos with the sun in the background. You’re going to love this product if your JJ Abrams and all the lens flare you’re going to get with the protector.

Now outside of those two instances, the other photos didn’t show a noticeable change in quality. Monty looked fine and all the lights in my office didn’t suffer much from the glare. Remember the photo from the Zagg product? Terrible.

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  1. I love love love how your little dog just stares at you the whole time you’re talking. He just loves you so much! You can definitely tell. Also can tell how much you love him and it’s just the sweetest thing ever! So cute to watch the two of you together! I have a little male Jack Russell and he’s my best friend and son, so I absolutely adore seeing others have that same relationship with their pooch. It’s super heart warming! 🙂

    Great content as well by the way! Very well done, great honest advice, and always thorough! Thank you for your content! Will be liking and subscribing! Always keep your dog on your channel; it’s a beautiful touch. I really enjoy that!

  2. @mobilereviewseh hi ,I’ve found iphone 12 camera protector in stock is that compatible with iphone 11 because I couldn’t find in stock for iphone 11 at my area.

  3. See the thin little glass circles covering the rear-facing camera lenses? Do this: drop the iPhone 12 Pro on its rear-facing camera array from 3 feet high onto some gravel rocks. Watch in horror as the glass covering the lenses shatters like a soap bubble. Then call Apple to get a repair estimate. It's around $500 to replace the rear-glass / lens cover piece. Nice job Apple!

  4. I just got this in the mail yesterday and I love it!!! I took a couple pictures in direct sun outside with flash and no glare. It does not make any difference in the clarity or quality of the photos and matches phone color perfectly. Highly recommend!

  5. Hi, I just bought an 11 off ebay but I'm not into the purple/lilac colour so I'm trying to find away to disguise it, bearing in mind the "rings" around the lenses are also purple..

    The body is easy enough to cover with a case but I'm wondering if you know of a black lens protector that doesn't obscure the flash and/or provides coloured rings specifically for the lens rings?


  6. Use thick sheathe, make sure its upper than camera lenses, because those lens protectors explained at this video, image quality getting a little bit shitty

  7. As usual great vid! I would like to see a case or add on that the protection just slides on and off the lenses. Given how expensive it would be to replace an iPhone 11 Pro Max lens it would be nice to “store them away” till needed.

  8. I've seen your vid reviews for privacy screen protectors. As you mentioned in the 3M brand, What privacy screen protector had vertical lines? I prefer those over the glare.

  9. I took out my 11 pro max outta the case for the first time today since purchase to clean it.
    I almost shat my pants seeing almost 90% of the god damn stainless steel frame is covered with scratches.
    Like, what the actual fuck??
    My point is, please update your review on the motherfucking stupid Rhinoshield's Mod NX case.
    The phone got scratches by simply being in the case. Like, what?
    Ain't the fucking case supposed to protect it? Instead of being its own culprit?
    I'm super pissed at Rhinoshield, I just wrote a lengthy-ass email.
    What case should I go for now?
    I researched like a mad fucking scientist and thought that Mod NX IS tha shit!
    And now this?

  10. I don’t know what brand I have (probably a semi expensive knockoff), but I have a clear glass lens protector with a special black ring around the flash to prevent unwanted glare. Personally as an idiotic klutz, a lens protector is quite useful.

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