Tag Heuer Connected w/ WearOS & Apple Watch w/ Watch OS Comparison using iPhone. This is Part 2.

Thank you for checking out my video! This is Part 2 of my full review of the Tag Heuer Connected. This video I compare the key differences Tag Heuer Connected and Wear OS with the Apple Watch using iPhone. I will be doing a future review specifically detailing Wear OS, and hope to obtain other Wear OS Watches.
Part 1 can be found here:

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45 thoughts on “Tag Heuer Connected w/ WearOS & Apple Watch w/ Watch OS Comparison using iPhone. This is Part 2.”

  1. It’s amazing some peoples comments. Apple vs Tag Heuer. People, apples and oranges. This video made me want to purchase a Tag Smart watch. Series 3 Update crashed my watch. $1200.00 down the drain as I purchased the stainless steel. Purchase a Series 5. Apple care expires. New up date crashes the watch again. Went through hours of Apple service. Cost another $1200.00 with Apple care. Hence. Tag is in. Apple out.

  2. Seen these Tags, and I was like hmmm…so is it still considered a Swiss Watch? lol and second The price is crazy definitely rather get the Apple…you can always download custom faces even designer watches

  3. Apple Watch does not do ECG. It’s not reliable, and even states it too. The Apple Watch has one sensor. ECG machines have multiple, sometimes as many as 10. If the Apple Watch actually had a reliable ECG it would need to be a certified medical device. It is not and thus please don’t call it an ECG, it’s a heart monitor, that’s all.

  4. Does the app on Apple Watch measure distances from the watch or from where you phone is? Looking for an app that measures from the watch because I don’t like carrying my phone.

  5. The tag is the better watch for me. The apple ‘watch’ isn’t really a watch tbh. More like a bracelet whereas the tag is a real tech watch like what James Bond would wear

  6. Hi Doug. Thank you for the videos.
    I have just received the Tag 2020 Connected but I cannot figure out how to receive iMessages. I get all other notifications that I did when I had an Apple Watch, but iMessages are not playing ball.
    I've followed the advice on the Tag support website which advises turning on Persistent in the Banner Style notifications, as well as all other guidance I can find. None of which work.
    I know that you have figured out how to receive iMessages, have you any advice on how to resolve?
    Thanks & Happy Christmas.

  7. This is a great comparison video. Very well done. I have several Tag Heuer mechanical watches and really wanted to like the Connected but alas it was too big for my wrist and had to send it back. Got the Montblanc Summit 2 instead and I love it! As an iPhone user, your video made me learn more about the Summit watch and maximize usage. Thank you!

  8. I am a little late to this thread but I bought the Fossil version which is about the same as the TAG Heuer, and same software. On mine I run it paired to an iphone and even though I can’t respond to my messages, I can still take and make calls with it. For me that’s not a big deal. However if it was paired to an android phone, you can respond to messages. It’s simply just an Apple iMessage right thing and they need to open it for watches like that at minimum

  9. Nice watch, but I always thought that, if I buy a watch like Tag, it would be something I could pass on to my son or my grand son. Can you imagine? “What grandpa? A Smatwatch?? What a piece of junk!!”

  10. Hi Doug, thanks for the reviews you have conducted on this watch. I'm very interested in the Tag as I have had an Apple Watch for some time and getting a little bored with it. The Tag has some great faces and the resemblance to the conventional watches is incredible.

    However, I am fully embedded with Apple products, so I'm wondering about what will I lose by way of compatibility with the Tag and my other Apple devices.
    If you can, could you please answer the following:
    Can I unlock my Mac with the Tag?
    Will the Tag show incoming text messages? If so, can I reply via the Tag?
    Will the Tag show who's calling me?

    Thank you.

  11. Thank you for the review. I want to know can I listen to music from the Tag through Bluetooth without the need of carrying my iPhone with me? Like Spotify or can I download my music to the memory? Thank you

  12. Good reviews…Shame that Tag Heuer want to charge you £550 for a battery replacement after less than 4 years old… How is that ethical or value for money…..

  13. Hey Doug, lovely watchin your reviews. Always find em helpful. I got a question… Is anywhere showed all the downloadable apps that you can download into your Tag connected? Thanks for the answer. And..? Have u already made part 3? Cant find

  14. Goodnight

    thanks for the info

    I would like to know how well you can pair with iphon?

    every time apple changes vercion the relog tag will work? right now we are at 13.5.1

    That interests me to know because it is not a cheap investment

    sorry i talk about the tag

    Thank you

  15. Watched all 3 Tag Heuer Connected videos – great videos. Can you confirm IMessage notifications will come through on Wear OS? Reading conflicting information on internet.

  16. Really enjoying your videos as a new subscriber. I’ve been a long time Apple everything fan and on my third Apple Watch (s5). I’m very interested with the Tag Connect as it seems stable with the IPhone now (was not always). Would you recommend the Tag Connect vs the Apple Watch. Why or why not?

  17. I am a major Tag fan, have three of them, however, this is just another made in China device, just like App$e. No thanks. But, I am sure the sapphire on the Tag is REAL vs App$e's magic sapphire that is made of sapphire and plastic particles.

  18. On the Tag can you totally remove the spring bar so that you can add your own 22mm watch bands. Thanks for such a thoughtful review.

  19. Not sure how you measured the tag but you may want to edit and correct your video. The height dimensions are closer 15.3mm, lug to lug is 53mm and lug width is 22mm. No doubt about it, this watch is substantially larger than the apple watch.

  20. Endless reviews on this watch yet no one will answer the million dollar question.. can this Tag watch make and receive calls/texts when synced with iPhone?!!!

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