TestFlight – How to Upload and Distribute Your App | App Store 2021

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In today’s video I show you how to upload your app for beta testing on Test Flight. We walk thought creating an App ID, registering with the App Store, archiving and uploading your build and distributing the app to your beta testers via email and a public link.

This tutorial was created using Xcode 12.3.

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40 thoughts on “TestFlight – How to Upload and Distribute Your App | App Store 2021”

  1. I have a question if you don’t mind. Does a user have to use a beta testing site to run their beta? Can’t they just publish on the App Store but don’t tell anyone, and just send the link a selected people? I know one of the purposes of the beta test site is to avoid negative reviews at the app store etc, but if no one knows about it, then wouldn't the beta testing work on just the app store?

  2. Thanks for this video! It was very useful! I wanted to ask if you have any video or plan to do any video related to setting up an easy testing environment to make sure we receive useful feedback from users?

  3. I have a problem. When I want to distribute an iOS application that I developed using the Flutter unity widget, I don't see "App Store Connect" choice. Also my app created under "Other Items" section, not under IOS Apps section. How can I solve this problem?

  4. As a side note, when codesign ask for your password, write your apple developer password not the user password on your computer and the weirdest thing happen to me. The password was always rejected, until i click on "Always Allow" insted. I don't know if this is normal but this cause me a lot of trouble to figure out. Just writing this note in case someone else is stuck in here…

  5. When I upload ipa file, I refresh the test flight it shows the version with blank box similarly you got at 15:22 in the video but I again refresh the test flight it shows you have no builds. I think you got the same issue but you cut that part from the video.

    Please tell what was the issue? It's really important

  6. Hi Allen. Thanks for this awesome tutorial. One thing I still find most frustrating is Provisioning Profiles, especially when it comes to Push Notifications. Do you create different profiles for when developing, when in testing in TestFlight and when the app is released? Thanks again.

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