34 thoughts on “The 10 Best iPhone Productivity Apps in 2021”

  1. Android friends! Every app on this list is also on Android, except:

    – Airr (coming to Android soon)
    – Fitness (built into iPhone – try Google Fit as an alternative)
    – Command (sorry, there's just no alt I could find with these features – Command is pretty unique)

  2. Great video and great suggestions! Thanks! I also use Easy Timezones for arranging meetings with partners and friends around the world 😃 Now the mess of timezones is easier

  3. Command sounds like a Thought bubble in mind mapping app? 🧐 Need something like that as an INFP who’s always reading, thinking & correlating countless connections and endless possibilities 😆 Other sounds great too 🤔

  4. Best way to get out of procrastination is to break the big tasks into small ones and then start checking things off as you start. Think of eating; we bite a sandwich down, yet we do not try to eat it all at once

  5. for tide, you probably could just use the built in time and now in iOS 15 you have background noise which gives you Balance noise, bright noise, ocean, rain , stream, just some of the sounds available, I prefer stream .

  6. I'm trying to learn to do 2 different things the 1st thing if you've ever played assassin's creed the newer ones when it's loading it will say something like 56/127 And then tell you something useful I want to make it where when I push my button to unlock my phone it says a number out of so many and something that I need to remind myself every day like make sure you eat 3 eggs for health in the morning But I want a list of them I don't know how to find this and how to do it The other thing is I want an app where when I'm learning I can have a list of categories of subjects subjects for example martial arts and then subcategories that I can click into and begin to and a section for questions uns list of things but also multiple different hobbies where I can input when I learned something into the list for example if I wanted to Study something like carpentry hardcore I want a carpentry list That I get by opening carpentry but also I have list for other things that I can input can you help me with this

  7. Evernote. My whole life is in there from written notes scanned to notes for learning as well as to do list and also PDF i have uploaded from courses i have done.

    Thanks for the mention on Adobe Scan

  8. Recently switched from Android for my main personal device (still using an older Galaxy Note for work) and I'm actually shocked at how many apps on iOS want yearly subscriptions. Apple being forced to allow 3rd party app stores through regulation can't get here fast enough because it's a bit ridiculous.

  9. Does it exist helpful apps like app that take time on boiling egg or app that read the little ting on our clothes that tell us how to wash them, like som handy apps that make the every day easier. An app that collects all the books that you have read or want to read, an app that you can write down the date when your food gets old. An app that helps you with thanking vitamins and medicine. Ann app that can show you all the shoes and clothes you have and can help you with sorting the clothes that you want to have and the clothes you will give and the clothes you will throw away. Apps like that I do really look for and need but its hard to find, have you some tips or names on apps like that😊👍🏻❤️ oh and climate change helpful apps😊❤️👍🏻

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  11. Thank you for sharing these beautiful apps. These will benefit me since I am an iOS user. I want o share my productivity app, which is Connecteam, by the way. This app aids me in managing my small team in my business.

  12. The only thing that would increase your productivity – DELETE ALL APPS SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO. You will immediately notice how you have become more productive, because there will be more money, since you do not pay for subscriptions in these useless applications.

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