The alternative App Store for iPhones

When it comes to the App Store, Apple’s philosophy around apps on the iPhone has been consistent. You need to follow its rules, or you’re not allowed on iOS. But app developer Riley Testut has a new strategy for distributing mobile apps outside the App Store, and it’s called AltStore. It’s an alternative app store for the iPhone that lets you install any app, without needing to jailbreak your phone or install an enterprise certificate. He built it initially as a way to distribute his Nintendo emulator Delta, but now he thinks it could support all kinds of software Apple doesn’t allow on the App Store. And the best part: anyone can download it.

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34 thoughts on “The alternative App Store for iPhones”

  1. So many comments about android vs iPhone. If you like iOS better then great! If you like android better then great! I personally had both and like both for different reasons. Just people’s personal opinions.

  2. there are no copwrights in gov funded technology gov owns it all by paying for it now we must torture these evil hoarders at Apple even music and movies are gov funded so it is all open source until companies pay off gov debt they created by subsidy and bailout

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