The New Purple iPhone 12!

Unboxing a brand new iPhone – the purple one this time. They’ve really done it.

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The Truth about Colored Phones:

Purple dbrand skin:

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Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds​​​
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Phone provided by Apple for review.


30 thoughts on “The New Purple iPhone 12!”

  1. Love steve job for his fav color its my fav color as well also i'm sitting on my collegues desk at the office rn so please avoid commenting LMAO

  2. The amount of people telling others how to run their channel when he made it clear as day the video is about purple iPhone 12. You clicked on it knowing the same. Trolls needs to get a life.

  3. I just use second hand IPhone 6 Plus also did have money to buying to new iPhone 12 so maybe if I got money saving money first can ok can buying android phone or iOS iPhone apple also IPhone 13 pro max also

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