Top 10 Clear MagSafe Cases For The iPhone 13's

Looking for a clear case that’s compatible with MagSafe? We’ll be honest with you, they are far and few between and most of them aren’t that good. Out of the 100’s of MagSafe cases that we’ve bought, there’s maybe 30-ish cases that are clear and MagSafe compatible.

One of the things we realized while doing this video is that a clear case that’s MagSafe compatible isn’t that attractive. It takes away from the clear case so if that’s an issue for you, don’t worry, we’re working on a Top 10 clear iPhone 13 case video that focuses on non-MagSafe cases.

Here’s the Top 10 with affiliate links. We’ve been doing this long enough that we’ve been able to secure discounts with certain brands as well.

Top 10 Clear MagSafe iPhone 13 Cases

1. Casetify Ultra Impact –
2. Rhinoshield Mod NX –
3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid (Amazon Link) –
4. Otterbox Symmetry+ –
5. Tech 21 Evo Clear (Amazon Link) –
6. Incipio Grip Clear (Amazon Link) –
7. ESR Halolock Hybrid Case (Amazon Link) –
8. Gear 4 Santa Cruz Snap –
9. Mous Infinity –
10. Pelican Ranger (Amazon Link) –

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One of the things that we need to clarify is that we consider cases to be MagSafe compatible IF they work with ALL the MagSafe accessories that we have. Lots of companies will claim to be MagSafe compatible if a MagSafe charger can attach to the iPhone through the case and charge. Don’t be fooled by that. For most covers, you need to have that ring on the case and with clear cases, it’s going to look like your case is winking at you.

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34 thoughts on “Top 10 Clear MagSafe Cases For The iPhone 13's”

  1. I bought a MagSafe case from Casetify. Ever since I put it on, my screen on time is faster dan before it’s only 6hr , my battery dies faster than before. I put another case, and my screen on time back to normal 8hr , I am worried the MagSafe magnet in the case somehow damaged my battery. Is there anyone had the same issue?

  2. I wish you guys would display the names in print while editing. You talk fast enough to where I have to rewind to try and catch the name so I can look it up.

  3. I have tried finding a review of top 10 MagSafe (non clear) cases for iPhone 13/13 mini but I can’t find one. Is there something I am missing?

  4. I’ve been looking at Casetify clear cases and since you two like it so much, it has to be good!
    Thanks for all you two do!

  5. I don’t believe casetify should be at the top of this list. Their cases don’t last longer than a year. Casetify’s replacement policy is valid for only 3-5 months. It shows their cases are indeed weaker than competitors. The adhesive of TPU sides break after few months of usage.

  6. Check out the MOBOSI case sold in Amazon. It’s solid. Have been using it for many years. It has good drop protection. I enjoy your reviews! Your reviews are my no.1 word for my tech toys.

  7. My Cellphone Provider T-Mobile had a System Error crash and locked-out my Android phone and account for 3 weeks! 😑 . So I needed a phone! I wanted an iPhone 13 PRO for now called (base) at some retailers for $200 dollars cheaper than the PRO Max ! But due to Stock and some original stock color changes? I had no choice but to get the PRO Max! 😔 😊! At Verizon
    I belong to 6 review channels but nobody does reviews for PRO Max cases! 👎 . It's like that iPhone doesn't exist !

  8. @MobileReviewsEh, will you please review the new Casetify Bounce case? Its edges look like they're tapered like Mous because the corners boast even more reinforcement than the Ultra Impact, and they embedded additional X-shaped TPE in the polycarbonate backplate.

  9. Thank you for the great review! I just ordered the Casetify MagSafe Ultra Impact clear case based on your review and I also just subscribed, thanks again for making these great reviews!

  10. Best reviews on the web. I love my Spigen Ultra Hybrid MagSafe Clear Case. Your review is spot on. Even if it yellows over time, for $20 I can always get another, as opposed to the Apple Clear Case for $50! And it mounts perfectly to the Belkin 3 in 1 MagSafe stand. I’m now a Patreon. Keep up the good work.

  11. I wish you had talked about which cases yellow quickly. Polycarbonate doesn’t yellow and TPU does? That would have been helpful.

  12. You had me until the bourbon review. Stick to electronic devices. Basil Hayden’s is a markedly overpriced Beam product at a basement proof. It is purely selling packaging to unexperienced buyers. Love and appreciate you guys otherwise.

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