UNBOXING 2020 iPhone SE | ASMR

Today I’m unboxing the iPhone SE 2nd Gen. in white !
Have fun and enjoy this ASMR video 😉

What do you want me to unbox next?
Write it down in the comments below 👇🏼

0:00 Intro
0:35 Box presentation
1:00 Unboxing
2:52 Removing Screen-protector
3:08 Device presentation
3:50 Setup
4:44 Using the device
5:35 Using the camera
6:13 Comparison to other iPhones
7:50 Device presentation
8:20 Reboxing
9:17 Outro

#ASMR #Unboxing #iPhoneSE

40 thoughts on “UNBOXING 2020 iPhone SE | ASMR”

  1. hello,
    Please allow me to take some of your video clips, to make videos about recommendations for several cellphones, and I will put your channel name in the top right corner of my video. Thanks in advance

  2. Why is it when i clicked this video my slow ass did not read the full title 🤣 all i saw was unboxing iPhone se and i been wanting to see a video of it because I’m debating if i want to get rid of my iPhone 8 Plus because it won’t hold charge i just got a new battery a few weeks ago . Brought two Apple chargers from the Apple store so i knew they was legit Apple chargers still nothing . Now when i put my charger in i jade to wiggle it so I’m guessing my charger port has to be replaced another $65

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