unboxing iPhone 8 plus accessories ️ | aesthetic phone accessories unboxing

hello dear fellas!! got some phone accessories for my phone..yay!! let’s unbox these together shall we 😌

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f i l m i n g ✨
iPhone 8plus

e d i t i n g 🌷

m u s i c ☁️
krylic – Moon In The Sky (lofi)

nawhij – Daylight

chill/lofi type beat “roses” by (sun spook)

reigh – cosset.

l i n k s 🧃
unicorn case:

white silicon case:

clear case:

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  1. Путин сделал россиян нищими! Не надо лезть туда, куда вас не звали!! Плата за вторжение будет ужасной! Добро пожаловать в каменный век!!!

  2. I’ve had my 8+ for a whole year now and honestly I refuse to upgrade I love it I don’t get the desire or the need to really upgrade plus mine was differently priced because I went through purchasing it From straight talk wireless and honestly I’m not giving up my iPhone anytime soon until it literally does not turn on anymore or the charging port doesn’t work I’m not giving it up maybe one day I’ll consider downgrading to an eight because they have more space! But yeah I don’t really want a new iPhone I just don’t see the reasoning behind spending the money on it

  3. My sister got an iPhone 12 like 3 days ago and her original phone before that was an iPhone 8+ so I’m hoping really hard that she could give me her- her iPhone 8+ for Christmas because I’ve had my iPhone 6 since 2019 and it’s getting a little to small for me

  4. The thumbnail looks so aesthetic ✨ I loved it actually I have the same phone iPhone 8 Plus but in rose gold and I also have the same clear case you inboxed in the beginning of the vid 💚✨☺️💚💕💞😻

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