Vivo X80 Pro Detailed Review

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Intro 0:00
Unboxing 2:05
Outlook/Appearance 3:08
vs Vivo X70 Pro Plus 3:22
Specs/Price 5:23
Display 6:16
Speaker 7:07
Antutu Thermal Test 8:10
3D Mark 8:52
Gaming 9:29
Camera 10:46
Vs iPhone 13 Pro 11:55
UI/OS 12:25
Fingerprint 12:52
Battery 13:22
Verdict 14:23

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43 thoughts on “Vivo X80 Pro Detailed Review”

  1. Good review, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more camera comparisons. As similar as this is to the X70 Pro+, I think that for many of us who weren't able to get a hold of that version, this is a good thing, since the X80 Pro is basically a refresh of the X70 Pro+.

  2. Sir, I want to see a Camera Comparison review video from you between VIVO X80 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra at the earliest, because, your reviews are always of high quality with honesty…Your reviews always very useful for me in buying a better phone… Please present your invaluable review at the earliest…

  3. It's true 2 say old wine in new bottle but price i don't know what was priced high the x 50 pro which I have n still using while the upgraded versions from 60 – 80 has been fair enough , Vivo brand coming into a big name in the market with Samsung n iPhone is a great thing in itself specially bringing innovation like ziess glass gimbal hardwares , & camera is my preference if u have a good phoen with Camera vlogging 4 utube is easy as well

  4. Do you think there is X80 Pro Plus because I was waiting for it and got just pro one…..Little disappointed but excited if it is coming near future… Please Do let us know if you have any information regarding this.

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