49 thoughts on “WearOS by Google Full Detailed Walkthrough & How To with iPhone and on the watch. w/ Chapter Markers”

  1. This is the best tutorial , great job
    I just got my watch this weekend
    The only problem I’m having is I’m not getting my text notifications from my iPhone
    I have fossil gen 6

  2. Thank you for this Tutorial Video. It was really helpful. I was wondering why I only get notifications on phone calls but I don’t get notifications when I receive text messages or email

  3. So, I use an iPhone 13 pro max with my new Tag Connect. My time zone when I fly with business travel is not always syncing with the new timezone. I live in Mountain but it doesnt sync unless I make the Time zone change every time. Do you have steps to make sure I set this up properly. My only issue with the watch so far. Thanks in advance. S.

  4. Question: I made the update according to your explanation, the Bluetooth connection constantly disconnects that the WEAR OS application is not open in the background and it makes me a sign of a cloud with a line on it also on the main screen, where do you see the time, is that correct? It's OK?

    Only I open the application in the iPhone it connects

  5. Hi thank you very much, I really liked the video and it helped me a lot, I bought exactly this watch and the video will guide me really well in the matter, showed me all the options on the watch, and what is the best thing to do, thank you very much !!!

  6. Hello and thank you for the great tutorial
    I am not getting my texts on my Tag Heuer connected
    I have allowed all permissions, I get my calendar notifications and phone call notifications but no texts…. Any insight?

  7. Thanks for these reviews Doug, learning so much from you man. Quick question, how can I change from Fahrenheit to Celsius on the watch? And if you have any recos for the battery life that´d be great too. Thanks again.

  8. What is the overall experience like pairing it with an iPhone? Does the wearOS app need to open in the background? Anything else to consider? Thank you

  9. Very nice Review. I am having trouble connecting a google account to my watch. I tried a cox account and tried using a gmail account and I get error message "Failed to copy account to your watch" Wifi and bluetooth work great. I can get weather. I have reset watch and started all over. Keeps happening.

  10. I was going to buy a wear os device until I watched this video. Now I don't really see what this does then my phone isn't already doing, it's not really worth it just for notifications on my wrist.

  11. Hi Doug , please help . I’ve just bought a tag connected watch . I’ve watched your tutorial which is excellent but for the life of me I cannot get my watch to receive emails or text messages. The notifications are on in wear os . Do you know what I’m missing. Cheers mark

  12. Doug, did you get a chance to get into the Tag Heuer app that we can use to control the watch? In there I see a a button that has a symbol of infinity with sun burst around it. Do you know what this button on the cell phone app does to the watch faces on the watch?

  13. Got the watch. Well worth it so far. First timer on android based watch.
    Anyone knows how to pair it with Wear OS if the watch gets disconnected?

  14. I have a bluetoothed AirPod on my ear all day. Will the watch stay connected to my iphone when I'm using my wireless AirPod? I am working at home, so will the watch stay connected to my wifi?

  15. Without doubt, the best tutorial for WearOS / Tag Heuer / iPhone combination. It answered many of my questions – thank you.
    I would like to know, whether the watch will provide notifications that my iPhone gives me when my Blink cameras activate and when I get a message via Amazon Echo.
    Thanks again.
    Liked & Subscribed.

  16. Hi Doug, great review. I am struggling to receive messenger/WhatsApp/iMessage on my Tag smart watch, I am obviously doing something wrong but just don’t know what. My phone was synced following the initial set up.

  17. How to change language in a smartwatch? I recently got a ticwatch pro from my friend who sent it through international courier. Language is set to Chinese and the guide is also in Chinese. I couldn't find anything in Reddit forums or YouTube tutorials. Please let me know how to change the language in wear OS devices. Thanks…

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