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Heyyyy guys! Today I’m doing a what’s on my iPhone video! I hope you guys enjoyed it! I also am so grateful that we are almost at 500 subbies! I love you guys! Make sure if you are not subscribed to subscribe down below! Literally when I see 1 new subscriber it makes me SO happy! and it’s free for you to subscribe so just hit that button! Anyways, I hope you liked this video! I mention some useful apps in here!

✩ gucci louis – rap beat 2
✩ Music by Ryan Little – 70s TV – https://thmatc.co/?l=CC87B8C8

where i got my background?
btw you should TOTALLY go buy a background from them!

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  1. I’m Trying to get my channel out there a bit because I work really hard and get no views so can anyone help a small Channel out 💌

  2. do you think the iPhone 7 is still good and suitable for use in this year to the future? I want to buy this iPhone at a later date but I'm afraid it's not good to use, but if I buy another iPhone it also costs a lot 🙂

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