Why I Bought an S22 Ultra! – Better than the iPhone 14 Pro?

Samsung has brought back the Phone we loved and I bought one for 7 Specific Reasons!
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In this video, we compare everything about the Galaxy S22 Ultra to Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max to see if the features and specs can match up or beat it!

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28 thoughts on “Why I Bought an S22 Ultra! – Better than the iPhone 14 Pro?”

  1. The separate camera lenses look way better than the unnecessary stovetop look of other larger phones. On a medium to compact phone the bump looks OK, but with this many cameras on a phone of this size, the separate circles look great (especially on the phantom white color that I'm waiting to get!)

  2. Love the new camera layout. Glad they merged with the Note so you get the best of both worlds. Btw, you do notice the A1 video you showed was choppier than the s22 ultra right? Btw, apple is lying about their performance. Samsung handles games WAY better! iPhone over heats, gets very laggy, then force restarts all the time.

  3. I feel like testing phones get boring only because what you do on these devices don't change. Slightly better this or that isn't enough to switch devices. Keep your devices until they stop working the world will be happier. I only have 1 android phone and my back up iPhone that's all I need for the next 10 years before I upgrade. Let's make upgrades to a minimum 4 plus year thing.

  4. Broh u can't compare this to 14 pro, that's not fare. Technically Iphone 13 is the 2022 phones… Because it has 2nd gen 5nm chip and aslo android phones are having 2nd gen 5nm chips(4nm).

  5. When is the unbiased camera test against the iPhone 13 pro max? I’m waiting for it to decide if to swap to the s22 ultra or stick with iPhone

  6. the samsung ultra phone so much cheaper than Apple
    plus samsung offer great perks trade in etc don't care the battery life less than iphone don't care apple chip better samsung plenty good all round unbelievable deals for samsung apple rip off rubbish

  7. The 13 came out a few months ago. S22 is the equivalent of the 13, not the 14. Release times between both phone are closer. Much fairer comparison.

  8. I'm owing Note20ultra ($1200) since August 2020, and very happy with it especially the battery which really last me for a day. Also, my Note20ultra has an microSD slot which currently has 512GB in it beside 128GB from internal phone storage. I use 512GB to back up all my family Albums photo. At this time, I will not upgrade to S22ultra as my Note20ultra has all my needed.

  9. Recently I bought iPhone 13 pro after I smashed my old s10+ and it’s my biggest regret phone wise… it’s not that I don’t know what iOS is because I use iPad on daily basis for art. It’s so heavy and boring, I see limitations everywhere. Screen is so narrow plus this bloody notch -_-
    Apple doesn’t even know how to implement widgets… can’t wait to get rid of it!

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