42 thoughts on “Why iPhone has Best Security??”

  1. Aree kaha pe hum India ke Finance Minister hai jo hamara data log leke kuch karne vaale hai…. Marketing gimme by Apple to charge high price 🙄🙄

  2. Pegasus spy exist in iPhone and Android etc… No privacy exist, except that the technology is strong, May be Linux.. And it should have nakedness for the end user to detect the spywares..

  3. Does my iPhone have virus? I opened appzillavip to download Snapchat++ The injection started after it I had to download apps but I was lazy so I didn’t do it. Is my phone at risk because of the injection The app didn’t download but injection started

  4. Bro iphone Secor lambi lambi fekne ke liye warna aye din news ati rahti hai ki fala सेलिब्रिटी ka twitter heck hogaya data leek ho gaya 😜 ghanta

  5. Blackberry is best security and k-iphone is best security and bhai fbi ne apple k server bhi hack kar liye the or data uda liya tha or irasel hacker ne hack kiya tha fbi k pass ek software jo kisi ka bhi iphone unlock kar sakte 😂😂😂 bhai huawei kahe ga beta apple majak kar rahe hamri security ko majak samja hain beta hack hone k baad bhi data share nahi karta Huawei, Huawei is best in feature or security

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