Why iPhone's iOS is Better Than Android?

Why iPhone’s iOS is Better Than Android?

Hey #TechGang
In this video, I am talking about iOS. Well, Many of you asked me why iPhone iOS is secure? What is the Apple ecosystem, What makes ios smooth, Why android can’t match iOS performance? and more.

Similarly, I will make a video! How Android is better than iOS!

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26 thoughts on “Why iPhone's iOS is Better Than Android?”

  1. My Q.
    Q.1 Agar iphone le lete h to ek to android me files transferred nhi kr sakte or jaroori nhi ki sabke pass iphone ho ?
    Q.2 Agar hme kuch bhi edit ya kuch transfer ya connect karna ho uske liye hme is chakar me mac , Apple watch, Airpods pta nhkiya kiya buy karna padega?
    Mtlb Phele hi khrcha uske baad double khrcha
    Bhai hm middle class wale h 😅😅

  2. Open-source is not a problem. Big Open-source projects are more secure. Because many developers work on it. If you look at software, we use so many open-source projects from code editor to backend development. In fact most of the big companies use them. It's not going to affect security. In fact they are more secure if project is well developed. That happened in case of Linux. People say Linux is more secure than windows because it's open-source and because of the benifits I mentioned above

  3. Samsung is far  better than iphone.. my personal experience …
    Used Iphone 12 pro max & Samsung Note 20 ultra … & found note 20 ultra more good …
    So planning  to get rid of ios echo system …
    Plz tell me about upcoming samsung s22 ultra

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