Xiaomi 12 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max Speed Test

[Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 vs A15 Bionic] Boot, Fingerprint, Face ID, TEMPS, BATTERY DRAIN, Camera, APP, BENCHMARK, RAM, and Game speeds between the Xiaomi 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The Xiaomi 12 Pro is Rocking Qualcomm’s FIRST 4nm Chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 while the iPhone 13 Pro Max is Running the latest and greatest chipset from Apple, the A15 Bionic run on 5nm tech. Which phone do you think will win?

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00:00 – Intro, Specs and Settings
02:13 – Round 1 (Boot, Fingerprint & Face ID)
02:57 – Round 2 (Initially Opening APPs Speed Test & Benchmarks)
08:59 – Round 3 (RAM Management Test)
10:07 – Temps, Battery Drain & Final Scores

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25 thoughts on “Xiaomi 12 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max Speed Test”

  1. I have an ip13pm and a poco f3, I wouldn’t say I hated android, they do offer the best price to performance. But IPhones are leagues ahead when it comes to user experience, it’s not even close, no amount of fast charging or magapixles on a camera will close that gap

  2. Xiaomi is notorious when it comes to closing apps in the background for no good reason. It's a waste to have lots of ram but they won't let the phone use it

  3. One thing that I don't understand, is: Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro supports 144 refresh rate, while all the other models since (11, 12) have a maximum of 120, in spite of having better chips. Why is that?

  4. It is wrong to compare two phones with different operating systems. SNAPDRAGON chips are in most phones, it is supposed to be global, but a15 bionic is only for iphone. Of course, the optimisation will be in high level. If a15 would run android os and android apps it would not be so fast,

  5. Apple devices will always win miles ahead against its competitors, look at M1 laptops …
    Even the last year's M1s are still hard of this year's Windows to defeat.

  6. What really impresses me about Nick's video style is the insane amount of detail and accuracy he focuses on. Every prominent detail and feature is covered on his videos in an objective manner

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