You Should Buy The New iPhone SE

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43 thoughts on “You Should Buy The New iPhone SE”

  1. can you give it away pls pls pls am broke i really need a phone i get builed because i dont have a phone and i just came here to tell you that i need a phone can you pls pls give it away pls pls

  2. I hate their ear phones. They never stay in my ear and are way to big. Its better to have the buds that can be easily changed out with different sizes since they are rubber. I noticed we don't really a new chip with every new iphone we buy. Just put the old chip in the new iphone and it will still work. This makes the old phone act like an extension. So if the new phone accidently breaks just take the chip out and it in the old phone.

  3. Junk!!! My Home "Button" got chipped within 6 months of having it. Making it completely useless. Apple wanted to chrarge me $170 to replace the disply, because it's not a real button, it's just part of the display screen. If the button wasn't set into the phone, nothing would have got caught and chipped it, but they won't replace it under waranty, claiming it is accidental damage. If it wasn't desgined poorly, it wouldn't have broken. I've owned about 6 apple devices and never had a problem, and the first time I do…Apple doesn't care. Thanks for nothing apple. I'm a Samsung person now.

  4. I realy like se 2020 but I dont have 400 $
    why you dont give me one of them
    or lottery ?
    Im in Iran and this phone in our country is sooo expensive
    I have a3 2016 and its very good phone
    but se 2020 is realy best
    thank advance

  5. As someone who just bought the iPhone SE to replace my iPhone 6 Plus I feel even better than I already did for buying it after watching this video.

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