The Mandalorian is a video game hero, and the new episode finally turns up the difficulty

It’s usually been commented that The Mandalorian is designed a lot like a video game. The Mandalorian himself seems like a participant character, working round a galaxy filled with people who find themselves at all times in want of one thing, doing totally different side-quests for NPCs in alternate for assist or a new piece of substances. (That’s a part of what makes him such a nice slot in Fortnite.)

But in season 2, episode 6, “The Tragedy,” these comparisons are much more pronounced with the reintroduction of Star Wars characters that first appeared as high-level video game enemies.

Spoilers for The Mandalorian, season 2 and the 1995 PC game Star War: Dark Forces under.

Dark Troopers are again.

Originally launched in Star Wars: Dark Forces, the Dark Troopers have been meant to be a potential successor to Stormtroopers, with almost indestructible armor that was proof to lightsabers. (Interestingly, the armor is not manufactured from Beskar, however relatively “Phrik.” There is a surprisingly massive variety of almost indestructible uncommon metals in Star Wars.) And as a substitute of fallible human warriors, the Dark Troopers have been battle droids that (no less than in principle) could be extra dependable.

The genesis of the Dark Troopers, although, is a extra sensible one. Dark Forces was the first try from LucasArts to make a Star Wars first-person shooter, one which drew closely on the reputation of Doom however added extra exploration and objective-based gameplay than the traditional shooter.

A Dark Trooper, as seen in Dark Forces.
Image: G-Man’s Gaming / YouTube

And whereas the “canon” clarification for the Dark Troopers was as a greater, badder Stormtrooper substitute, the real-world clarification is even less complicated. As a video game — one particularly constructed to emulate the authentic DoomDark Forces wouldn’t have been very enjoyable to play if the complete game was merely mowing down wave after wave of the run-of-the-mill Stormtroopers.

More highly effective, difficult enemies have been wanted: therefore, the varied fashions of Dark Troopers, who have been more durable to combat and wielded much more highly effective weapons.

Dark Forces was excised from the “official” Star Wars canon when Disney purchased the franchise and reset the universe; their inclusion in The Mandalorian marks their first on-screen reintroduction in the new Disney timeline.

And whereas the return of outdated Legends parts into the present continuity isn’t a new factor, what’s significantly notable is that the Dark Troopers are as soon as once more taking the related function for our live-action video game analogue. After spending a number of episodes (consider them as particular person ranges) watching Mando energy proper by legions of bog-standard Stormtroopers, it’s no marvel that a extra highly effective foe could be wanted to cease him.


Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

“The Tragedy” makes that clear: between Mando, the returning sharpshooter Fennec Shand, and the re-armored Boba Fett, there’s nearly nothing that two complete platoons of Stormtroopers may do to cease him. Because for all the hype over the would possibly of the Empire’s legions, in observe, Stormtroopers are actually dangerous at their jobs.

The Dark Troopers are the logical answer — in fact the Empire would have been exploring new choices to exchange the objectively not very helpful Stormtroopers. And in the event that they’re something like their authentic video game counterparts, it’s seemingly that Mando (and his buddies) may have a fairly robust combat forward of them to save lots of Grogu (née Baby Yoda) in the coming weeks.


Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

After all: what’s a video game with out a boss battle?


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