2019 10.2-inch iPad vs iPad Mini 5 - Best Budget iPad?

Apple up to date their price range $329 iPad, however is the iPad Mini nonetheless a greater choice for many?
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Physical Differences – 0:16
Display Quality – 1:30
Laminated Display – 2:01
Apple Pencil Gap – 2:29
Speaker (*5*) – 3:18
Camera (*5*) – 3:41
Mic Quality – 4:04
Battery Life – 4:15
A10 vs A12 Chips – 4:45
Benchmark (*5*) – 5:01
COD Mobile Gaming – 5:33
The VERDICT – 7:42

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31 thoughts on “2019 10.2-inch iPad vs iPad Mini 5 – Best Budget iPad?”
  1. This is the BEST bang for buck iPad (Amazon) ➡ http://geni.us/A9AC
    Max Tech Wallpapers ➡ https://bit.ly/2WNc6Qw

  2. I’m looking for a new iPad and Isla what one… I have the iPad Air 1st gen soo I’m used to a bigger screen but my friend has the iPad Mini 2 so I can practice on that. What one should I get? A mini or just an iPad

  3. well i mean if your going to use it for entertainment or video get the mini but if your gonna use it for Studies get the 7th generation one

  4. I m still gonna buy 2019 7th gen though bcz of its larger screen…
    I will basically use it for note making and reading….

  5. i got 10.2 ipad. i have advantage that the screen is bigger, especially while surfing this is really better. and for gaming: i use keyboard and the problem with heavy weight is solved. i can perfectly gaming with touch … i play critical ops

  6. screen replacement will be cheaper for the ipad coz just like the past apple ipad and phones the lcd and touch screen are a seperate parts unlike this mini 5 whic is laminated

  7. Im watching this on an ipad mini 2
    My mom will go abroad and ill ask her to buy me the upcoming ipad mini 6

  8. I bought the iPad 7th gen because
    First of all it is bigger , I don't wanna destroy my eyes
    Second, I take lots of notes
    Third, the keyboard works o the iPad
    Fourth, I really don't care about the camera.
    Fifth, it is much cheaper

  9. Ppl hate on the iPad 7th gen for no reason at all I have it and it's a good iPad I use it to play fortnite and other games and multiple tabs at once and it still does it's job. My only complaint is it's big bezels. It's perfect for any task you throw at I use it for YouTube video editing still gets the job done and just because it doesn't have 120 fps 3 gigabytes of RAM doesn't mean it's a bad thing

  10. The mini series used too come with the 10W it’s identical to the 12W.I didn’t know they upgraded it.

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