4 Inbox Zero Best Practices (for Gmail)

📧 Adopting Inbox Zero modified my life and from the messages I obtain from a few of you, it appears to have affected the way in which you method Gmail as nicely! In this video I share 4 Inbox Zero Best Practices (for Gmail) that not solely clears up some confusion from my authentic Inbox Zero tutorial but additionally educate you some new suggestions and methods as nicely!

If you are already utilizing the Gmail Inbox Zero methodology, you may already be acquainted with the workflow. Instead of utilizing the shortcuts “L” and “E” to label and archive your incoming emails, you should use “V” to Move To as a substitute (it comes label and archive into 1 step)

To additional manage your gmail inbox, you should use labels. There are 3 varieties of labels you’ll be able to create: motion labels, flag labels, and challenge labels. Instead of making a label for all the pieces, you have to be intentional concerning the emails you create

Filters are additionally essential for tagging emails the second they hit your inbox so I share a number of filters that you just may discover helpful (crucial one being the Calendar Label filter that I missed in my tutorial video)

Finally, since I do not assume replying to my emails on the cellular app could be very productive, I often manage the emails on my cellphone and reply to them after I get again to my laptop computer

00:00 Intro
00:36 Inbox Zero instance
00:44 Workflow on Web
02:26 Workflow Recap
03:09 Labels for Inbox Zero
04:15 Filters for Inbox Zero
07:58 Workflow on Mobile App

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28 thoughts on “4 Inbox Zero Best Practices (for Gmail)”
  1. Thanks this is super cool! I might have missed it somewhere, how do you split your screen to show your action items to the right? That looks SUPER cool!

  2. Hey Jeff! I just watched your first video on inbox zero and I loved it. Now I'm thinking about adopting this method.

    HOWEVER, I do like having my emails marked as unread until I have replied to them (that is another way I know they're still pending). Is there a way in which I can leave them as 'unread' but still labeled?

    Thanks again and keep making bomb videos! 🙂

  3. Curious about your use of Apple hardware vs Google (android/pc). Any push back or issues you encounter or reason why you don't use the Apple product suite?

  4. When you archive an email it does not "Move" the email. Gmail never moves emails you are just labeling it or un-labeling it. The All Mail view is actually what your Gmail looks like and everything else is just a filtered view of that view. And really when you think about it the All Mail view is actually also just a filtered view of Googles Gmail database that only shows emails with your account labeled as the owner of them. So when you archive something the only thing that is happening is that you are removing the Inbox label from it. The Gmail website is just a bunch of filtered views of your All Mail view. Deleted items is the only exception.

  5. Hey Jeff,

    Love your work! Learned and applied a lot of golden nuggets through your teachings.
    Looking forward to more practical content.

    Thanks for bringing us closer to our goal(s).

    Yours Truly


  6. Thanks for all the explaining! Really helpful. Although I disagree on a small thing you mentioned. You said something along the lines of that it is not necessary to know whether someone accepted your invite, only when someone declines.

    I think it is useful to know when someone accepts my invite, as it is much clearer than having to check your invite from time to time to see whether the person you are going to meet has accepted without you knowing. Don't need to take action on it and can delete it immediately after, but still useful to get a notification from!

  7. Wow Jeff, I haven’t watched you in a while and 97k subscribers later you’re still replying to comments! Good on ya!

  8. But I'd also use project labels for massive projects which last longer than a month or two. I've used this for long term negos or disputes, which accumulate a lot of correspondence which may be referred to later. Once they're over and done with, it's always possible to delete the label.

    But all in all, I've been using this for a few months and exploring with my own adaptations. Really like how automatic labeling and archiving reduces excess waste on my inbox!

  9. Your inbox zero is the only method that I learnt from YouTube and actually implemented in life. It has changed the game for me and these add on tips are a cherry on top…

  10. Thanks for the video, Jeff. I'm having an issue with the email inbox. Even if I mark F/up or any of the labels they still appear on my inbox and it does not move to the labeled box only. So what I mean is, it goes to the corresponding labeled box but also stays in my inbox. Please advise. Thanks!

    P.S. Zero to Hero: Hercules!

  11. Excellent tips! Thanks for the clarifications. I'd like to hear your thoughts on Cal Newport's inbox philosophy if you ever have the opportunity to look into his work.

  12. Jeff… your tips saved me from madness through this pandemic in so many dimensions of my life… professional, education, parenting, house management… WOW. Thank you so much. Inbox-zero was awesome for my productivity but this best practices are gold.

  13. When I tried all the steps in the previous video, then on my iPhone I would all emails sent to my inbox and got bombarded with emails, including promotions and updates. How do you deal with those emails and how to have inbox ZERO in the app as well? BTW, love the idea, videos, etc.

  14. Thanks, Jeff for the initial Inbox Zero video. Now my inbox is always empty. I was not using the Action labels seems like I should use that for my follow up emails. Currently, I go to that specific lable to take actions.

  15. Hi Jeff! As a junior engineer at your first job, having a well-organized inbox is halfway to a successful life. Thanks to you and your zero inbox method, I never missed an important email again. Thank you for your commitment to transmitting this very important knowledge.

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