A game that is not "goes" on Lenovo P2 - Line of Dance

Yeah, I did not count on such a setup. I as soon as instructed you that there is a game that is silly on Lenovo P2! Remember? Duck, it was not the game, however the telephone settings! The Lenovo P2 has some sensible options that should be disabled when you use it. Watch the video and you’ll perceive. Phones that I personally advocate for buy: 1 – in a movie black authentic xiaomi redmi observe 4X: (autonomy for 2 days at common load) Link to the vendor on aliexpress: 2 – Lenovo P2 with international firmware and 7m android: (autonomy three days with common load) 3 – Super not costly, however when recording video, there are issues with sound high quality: I might purchase this telephone for my mother. 4 – I purchased an acquaintance of mine on my recommendation LeEco Cool Changer S1 Mobile Phone 4G LTE Snapdragon 821: Great images, nice sound on video, tremendous autonomy, like on xiaomi redmi observe 4X.

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4 thoughts on “A game that is not "goes" on Lenovo P2 – Line of Dance”
  1. Леха, узнал о этой игре из твоего видео. Установил ,Но такой прикол только с этой игрой, если её закрыть , а потом снова запустить, она жутко тормозит, фризит, играть невозможно. Смарт а 5000 lenovo. Есть идеи ?

  2. никогда ей не пользовался, фичей этой))
    игра прикольная, но так эпично ты лажанул в конце…))

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