Amazon Fire HD 10 vs Fire HD 8 Tablets Compared (2017 Models)

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38 thoughts on “Amazon Fire HD 10 vs Fire HD 8 Tablets Compared (2017 Models)”
  1. Man, this is really useful. I was looking for this kind of video all over but couldn't find elsewhere. Thank you for this nice comparison.

  2. I love these tablets. I have the 8 and the charging port went out. I hear that's a known issue with this one. Bought it new on eBay for $ will cost $80 to fix.
    Getting a new one instead. Thinking about the 10

  3. I bought the 8” 32 GB model. It was a good deal – normally $99 in Canada and I got mine for $55. The 10” was also on sale but the deal wasn’t as good. TBH, I’m sorry that I didn’t get the 10’. If you do get the smaller one, at least go for 32 GB storage. Fire OS handles content and apps on SD very differently than normal Android. There are check boxes under the Storage setting. You can choose what you would like to go to SD there but… only certain apps will move there automatically. Also, anything that you have uploaded to Amazon cloud is downloaded as a Doc and this is stored internally. I downloaded it and moved it manually to the SD. You need ES File Explorer to see it as it is no longer visible under Docs. It’s an annoyance. Also, if you’re going to install Google Play, do it before you load up the tablet with apps and content. Sometimes it’s a matter of just installing the 4 apks. Many people experience some issues and need to do a factory reset. It’s random.

    Otherwise, I’m really happy with the tablet. I’m even thinking about buying more and using them like Echo Shows around the house.

  4. I'm looking to get the her 10 my son had to use the pecs app and I hate the screen on the 8 because when I read the bible online the HD8 not my thing

  5. Dude the fact that I could see your camera reflection on the 8 but not on the 10 pretty much sums up the screen quality

  6. I just bought the 8 Inch, just because of the size. I wanna be able to take it with me & stuff & have it fit into my backpack, ect. Plus, I think the 10 inch is too big for me.

  7. I just bought it for $79.99. It's on sale for $109 and if you use your AMEX members reward credit card and at least $.01 in member reward points you get an additional $30 off. The HD 8 is on sale for $54.99 and $24.99 if you use an AMEX card as described above. Use promo code AXPFIRETAB8 for the HD 8 and AXPFIRETAB10 for the HD 10 at check out. The Fire 7 is $14.99 if you do as above and use promo code AXPFIRETAB7.

  8. Why are the icons bigger on the smaller HD 8? Oh, that's right. It's because moron developers don't use the higher resolution pixel count of the HD 10 to make the images the same size but smoother. They just make them the same number of pixels so they end u being smaller. The biggest moron thing in technology. I can't stand how bigger tablets have smaller images because of this.

  9. i dont know what size to get. I feel the 10 is nice for movies but would be too big for gaming. should i go with the 8 inch?

  10. Can't play Netflix movies on my Fire HD 8 (2017) with Alexa. I have the 16 gigs version. Stuck on "Loading" every time I play Netflix.

  11. I upgraded from a Fire7 to a Fire8. There is no difference except the screen is larger and that one inch makes a big difference.Web pages always "fit" on the 8 while sometimes I have to tip it on the vertical to view pages on the 7.

  12. The 8 inch screen looks extremely blurry to me I dk why. Super low res…. What percentage do u put the brightness on? I regret buying this

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