Amazon Fire HD 8 & Fire HD 8 Plus Tablets Unboxing & Comparison! (2020 10th Generation)

Amazon Fire HD 8 & Fire HD 8 Plus Tablets Unboxing & Comparison! (2020 10th Generation)

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32 thoughts on “Amazon Fire HD 8 & Fire HD 8 Plus Tablets Unboxing & Comparison! (2020 10th Generation)

  1. I have owned two Fire HD 10 tablets and about 2 months ago I UPGRADED to a Fire HD 8 Plus and could not be happier. Great tablet, great form factor and so much easier to hold, especially when reading in bed.

  2. I can't figure out how to load a file (drag and drop from PC) to be globally recognised by all profiles. The files are on the device, but only viewed by the profile logged in at the time of loading files on. It's the same with downloading apps.

  3. Tiny core and simple system monitor from play to show what's going on.

    3gb is good for webpage tabs staying in ram when you go back to them, a example being shopping and banking or PayPal all open, going back to a tab makes it reload and that's not good for banking, more ram keeps it.

    More ram has nothing to do with loading but for reloading.

    On the old 1.5gb one it fills the ram and pushes apps out when a game is loaded

    Try the apps on the play store and see

    Oh and from start a fire 8 has about 68 things running plus your own
    Killing them frees up CPU even though they say they don't use CPU

    I've just got a 3gb one but I'd say 2gb is OK, 3gb being better for a phone so you keep the phone in ram while googling or gaming

    I'd like to see how long the Alexa app takes to get to the play part
    On the 1.5gb it takes 60 secs+

  4. I just bought the Amazon Fire 8 and very satisfied with it! I had an older model and this one is so nice, I like that it has front and back camera, easy to set up to Wi-Fi and the sound and video quality. The price was very reasonable.

  5. I have a feeling the fire 7 is practically the same as the fire 8.

    Tips for increasing the performance of those tablets.
    1. Use a micro sd and offload as many apps and photos etc onto it as possible. The more of that 16gb that is freed up, the more faster it will run.

    2. Increase the battery life by getting a cheap $10 portable battery charger. Will increase your battery by hours

    3. Fix the glare by getting an anti glare screen protector made for your tablet

    4. Don’t be stuck into the amazon ecosystem. You can download the google operating system onto your tablet, or you can download pretty much any google play store app by downloading the aptoid tv app which is an alternative google play store

    Also don’t let the plastic casing fool you. The fire tablets are very durable

    Also be aware that despite what you may see on videos on YouTube, these tablets are not good for gaming on cod or fortnite. Maybe the 8 plus might be a little better, but I know the 7 is not because I own one

  6. I can’t believe it’s 2020 and fire os is still a thing. I used to have one of these things back in 2014 and it was horrible. From what I remember you couldn’t even change the wallpaper. Want YouTube? I hope you like using the browser! I mean it works fine from my experience but just to point that out.

  7. I have to admit, I don't get the appeal of wireless charging that much. It's really wasteful and not that convenient over just plugging in. You can't even move your device while it's charging.

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