Apple iPhone 6 vs Nokia Lumia 830

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We examine the Apple iPhone 6 with the Nokia Lumia 830 on this vs head-to-head comparability. How does a £300 Lumia fare towards a flagship from Apple? While the Lumia 830 might sport a steel physique too, its variations outweigh its similarities witn Windows Phone 8.1 inside, a 10-megapixel digital camera with optical picture stabilisation and expandability along with the 16GB reminiscence on-board. .

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36 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6 vs Nokia Lumia 830”
  1. The new WP 10 mobile latest update is superb and it truly brings it up to speed with iPhone. If only WP caught up with it's apps it would be a runaway over Android and iPhone. You cannot beat the active tiles, it's perfect for a mobile platform. Look for iPhone to come out with a variation of the active tile feature. I bet they'll get as close as they can get without being sued.

  2. I love Windows phone live tiles. Apple nor Android have that on their phones. They make for a good conversation starter when people see it on my Lumia 820.

  3. IPhone 6 double the price?!?!

    IPhone 6=€739 for 16 gb

    Lumia 830=€199

    I am pretty sure one of these companies are taking advantage of all the idiots out there

  4. I have an iPhone 6 and a Macbook Pro 13 I detest them =) I'll change for SurfacePro and Lumia 🙂

  5. the iphone has better functional apps the only what i idont like is the low storage memory and cannot be expanded, WHY SO EXPENSIVE?!, and windows phone has micro sd support and poor functional apps

  6. Nowadays Dropbox has released an official app for WP. The funny thing is that it was developed by the same guy who made that third party app mentioned in the video.

  7. Hi, in 10:27 you show the camera app in WP8.1. Mine doesn't look like that. Is that a 3rd party app or lens? If so, what's the name. Thanks

  8. the colors on the iphone looks super oversaturated, and after using it for a while, you con notice that its not a fhd screen, and the camera that everybody loves in ip6 looks nice at first glance, but it is just so unnatural… i think im selling it , buying a 930 and keeping some cash

  9. contracts are expensive also. You might not notice it but if you sum up your monthly bill after 2 years, you will be surprised how much big it is the amount that you are spending. 😀

  10. Why does nobody mention free navigation on the Nokia? And offline navigation? That's the killer argument for me. 

  11. Thanks for the great review. I've been struggling to decide and I'm going to go with the 830 this time. I think total feature set hardware and ease of use software tilts in Lumia's favor. The new swipe keyboard and the pure view camera are icing on the cake. I just never warmed up to being penned in by iTunes software and the lack of customization. Tried Android, you cant delete apps you don't want and the security of its permission system is ridiculous, really Android? I've come to see WP 8.1 as a viable middle ground. US ATT offering 830 with free FitBit so I am going down today after it. In the end, I'm a senior not a young gamer and family snapshots are more important to me than an extra 100k apps I'll never even look at anyway.

  12. I'm currently using iP6 and previously Lumia 820. I'm very interested in the 830 but the one dealbreaker for me is something you didn't even mention: 830 does not have Hey Cortana. I use Hey Siri constantly for a safe handsfree experience while driving. It's strange that Nokia excluded Glance from the 930 and Hey Cortana from the 830. It's the sort of manipulative crap you expect from Apple not Nokia.

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