Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note5

It’s time for our newest comaprison: iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy Note5! It’s the battle of the titans, the conflict of the giants, the brawl of the goliaths!

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32 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note5”
  1. You don't see iPhone users trying to prove their phones are better than others.. On the other hand Samsung owners will ALWAYS state that their phones are "better"… I think they just need some recognition to actually believe that.. If you are tired to prove your friends that your phone is better, just get an iPhone.

  2. The iPhone 6S Plus wins just because of the 3D Touch that at the end Samsung will copy that feature like they always do.. Samsung copies Apple, not the other way around!

  3. don't get me wrong, I actually like samsung and had 2 samsung phones… but the new phones (note 5, s6, edge etc.) look so fucking ugly imo…

  4. Apple could have done better naming their phone. PLUS just doesn't do it for me when I say it.
    Can you use Swipe on an iPhone? I'm a Note 4 user right now? Would like to change over but iOS hasn't appealed to me yet. But I love my iMac and MacBook Pro. Come on Apple.

  5. the cameras on these two are not better than the G4! Maybe on par with but these two aren't "The two best cameras available"!

  6. I bet you'd say the iPhone 4 is still at par with the note 5 if not better lol because it has an apple logo stamped on it which basically means you paid more for less!

  7. Completely biased review like always why do a review if your always gonna side with iPhone? You compliment them both then you turn around and shun the android lol your reviews are a joke and a waste of time to watch! Phone arena equals iPhone biased all the time lol

  8. Galaxy note 5 wins for too much, best cam, best photos, better resolution, better performance, softwear and hardwear. Simply the best smartphone in the world.

  9. Legit question- nobody mentions using an iPad charger with the iPhone. It is 100% supported and charges much quicker. Is that not a form or quick charge? And does anyone know how long it takes to charge a 6+ or 6s+ with that charger?
    I just feel everyone says iPhone doesn't have quick charge, but it kinda does if you use the special adapter, just like if you use the special adapter with the note 5.

  10. Both are awesome. Would love to try them both out…though I have had some problems with Samsung…Ok not some maybe a lot but would love to try out the Note 5

  11. Own both the iPhone 6s plus and the note 5. The iPhone is wider and feels uncomfortable using with one hand. The note 5 feels better in one hand . Also the speakers the note is much louder and sounds better . A lot of these ppl who compare the phones are paid buy Apple to do the review. Apple sends them the phone every time they release it. The iPhone feels outdated when comparing it next to the note 5.

  12. ios has alot of bugs and frame rate drops , i had iphone 6 and now Galaxy S6 , belive it or not i like more Touchwiz . And about display … you cant compare it Samsung is the winner hands down.

  13. Note 5 is way better than apple !!! Here's to all the apple fanboys !!
    • Better Camera (16 mp vs 12 mp )
    • Better resolution
    •Interface allows much More for e. g apply themes , widgets and more productivity .
    • Much more premium design
    • S-pen vs 3D Touch !! we all know whats better !!!
    • Better battery 3000MAH and wireless as well as quick Charging
    Now what does IPhone have to beat the Note 5 ?!!

  14. I almost considered getter the 6+ just so I could have my ITunes music on my phone. my Note 5 that I'm watch this video on is a way better device though.

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