Apple Watch Series 1 VS Apple Watch Speed Test


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42 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 1 VS Apple Watch Speed Test”
  1. Love the video but it would be helpful if u distinguish which Apple is which since they both kind of look the same

  2. I'm actually gonna get Apple Watch Series 1 rose gold, this really helped me find out which is best. Thanks to this video, my decision is final. Thanks much!

  3. hey thank you so much for this video i found it helpful to know that the apple watch series 1 is faster for apps like messages and that apple watch 1 has siri that is 1 thing that is tots the most important to me so original dobo thank you so much for comforting me by showing the apple watch 1 has siri that is 1 future that is so important to me is having Siri thats a a personal thing of mine

  4. Thanks for the comparison! I just ordered the original watch at a heavy discount. Didn't want to put too much money into the watch before I know what it's all about so i'm gonna try it out. I got The stainless steel with sapphire display and ceramic back with a leather band at 50% discount 🙂

  5. So I am currently really debating between the series 0, 1, and 2. I have someone willing to sell me their original apple watch fairly cheap but at the same time I don't want to buy it and them drop support completely to where i can't load anything and if I do it takes 20-30 mins. What would you recommend? do you think I will be happy with the series 0 if I decide to go with it? and what would be your recommendation to go with the 2, 1 or 0?

  6. I have never worn the apple watch and really want the stainless steel version. S0 stainless steel vs. S2 Stainless steel. The S0 is half the price of the S2 on the used market. Is it worth it to purchase the S0? I don't need the waterproofing as I don't swim with my watch. Without the GPS on the S0 can i run with my watch without my phone and it track my calories and steps? My main concern is if the watch is painfully slow in operation due to the single core processor running Watch OS3? Last question screen brightness is it really noticeable if you compare the S0 (450nits) vs S2 (1,000nits)? I'm looking forward to hearing your reply!

  7. Hi, I managed to buy an Apple Watch 0G steel for 160 pounds new. Was it a silly mistake that I didn't get the s1?

  8. Over two minutes to boot up. Crazy. You have to leave it on lol. I got the series 1 just because the $100 more for the series two wasn't worth it to me. I gotta say, I'm loving it. I'm giving myself the 15 days until the return policy is up at Best Buy and I'm inclined on keeping it! Awesome video bro!

  9. While I appreciate you trying to answer the question I asked myself for a little while. Your tests are not really conclusive, pressing one watch first after the other and hitting the time some time after? And honestly who is bothered about start up times, whats the point of running the test? A typical user wouldn't be doing this on a regular basis during the day.

  10. Great video. Purchased the first gen at a great price and updated the software to OS3, my friend has the new series 1 and performance wise there is not much difference, which to be honest was a shock to me, I expected a much better performance in comparison to my first gen. I will not be getting the series 1or 2 and will only consider series 3 (when its released) if there are significant changes such as camera, ability to facetime etc, updates people were expecting in the new series…it will be very interesting to see what series 3 brings

  11. Hmm, except for boot time they both appear very similar in speed. It's definitely not worth upgrading just for the speed bump.

  12. Just did a boot-up of my Apple Watch OG but it only took around 2 minutes to turn on. Granted I don't have any third party apps on my watch. Overall the watch never really runs out of charge so I rarely ever have to wait for it boot.

  13. We already expect the speed to be faster. The question is, is the performance at a cost to battery life? Would you please comment or test on the battery life? Thanks.

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