Battle Of Notes Note5 vs. 2013 Note3 Which Note remains king ? (4K)

This video is a few battle between the previous 2013 word 3 and 2015 word 5 which one will keep king? put it down within the feedback beneath
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19 thoughts on “Battle Of Notes Note5 vs. 2013 Note3 Which Note remains king ? (4K)”
  1. i wanna see the internation note 3 vs note 5

    that international note 3 has a 1.9 ghz octa core processor so its a bit close to the note 5s processor

  2. Bikas note 5 is cool than note look 123 3 45 5 see 5 is cool 3 1 2 3 3 4 5 is 5 and won is note 5 bikas look number 12345

  3. Wow what an amazing channel! I loved your video and I didnt forget to likee! I was wondering if you could hop onto my channel for ten seconds and tell me how you feel about it? Cause your opinion really matters! Thanks!

  4. Your wrong the note is better then the note 5 because I your have a rooted note 3 with custom recovery you can download a rom to make the same just like a note 5 with out wasting more money

  5. Nice review, but I think it is a little exaggerated. The Note 3 is way cheaper than the Note 5, and it still looks alright. I have both, but I don't think it's worth the $400 – $500 difference. Phones get old, but I think the Note 5 wont reach it's prime until the price goes down.

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