Best Cell Phones [August 2020]

Cell telephone consultants David and David let you know about one of the best cell telephones of August 2020.

0:54 Google Pixel 3a
1:42 iPhone SE 2
2:50 iPhone 11 Pro Max
3:55 Samsung Galaxy S20
5:16 iPhone 11

Learn extra in regards to the Google Pixel 3a:

Learn extra in regards to the iPhone SE 2:

Learn extra in regards to the iPhone 11 Pro Max:

Learn extra in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S20:

Learn extra in regards to the iPhone 11:

Compare the protection of wi-fi carriers:

Compare each mobile phone, each plan, and each provider on UpPhone:

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27 thoughts on “Best Cell Phones [August 2020]”
  1. Moto g7 power for kids .$100 at Walmart you're talking about 300 to $400 like it's nothing if you have a few kids.

  2. I've order my first iPhone. That is iPhone 8 plus and ordered a 18 W apple adapter too. Does using of 18W USB C Apple Fast charger reduces battery life or battery health in iPhone 8 plus? Please let me know I'm worried

  3. Guys can you do a video on how to fix Unknown error when logging in to facebook app on iphone.. its been 1 month and i still can't log in my facebook account on my iphone i use my desktop and samsung just to use facebook which is annoying.. thank you

  4. another great informational show – I am looking to get a new iPhone and watch you guys every week to see what is coming up. Can't wait for the iPhone 11 to drop in price. Thanks

  5. Thanks for the advice. I’m desperate to buy an iPhone 11 but will wait until a new Apple release for a better price.

  6. I hav just purchased the IPhone 11 but I am not sure how it all works yet ….. Anything special u can advise me about ??????? Thx

  7. Please cover privacy aspects of these phones in the future. I understand they track and watch us. Would like a phone that is not my enemy. Ty.

  8. I’m using iPhone 11 now and it’s been really amazing. Only that I engage with the phone so much that the battery doesn’t go for a day. Is there any secret to keep it lasting longer than this?

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