Best Cell Phones [August 2020]

Best Cell Phones [August 2020]

Cell telephone consultants David and David let you know about one of the best cell telephones of August 2020.

0:54 Google Pixel 3a
1:42 iPhone SE 2
2:50 iPhone 11 Pro Max
3:55 Samsung Galaxy S20
5:16 iPhone 11

Learn extra in regards to the Google Pixel 3a:

Learn extra in regards to the iPhone SE 2:

Learn extra in regards to the iPhone 11 Pro Max:

Learn extra in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S20:

Learn extra in regards to the iPhone 11:

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27 thoughts on “Best Cell Phones [August 2020]

  1. I've order my first iPhone. That is iPhone 8 plus and ordered a 18 W apple adapter too. Does using of 18W USB C Apple Fast charger reduces battery life or battery health in iPhone 8 plus? Please let me know I'm worried

  2. Guys can you do a video on how to fix Unknown error when logging in to facebook app on iphone.. its been 1 month and i still can't log in my facebook account on my iphone i use my desktop and samsung just to use facebook which is annoying.. thank you

  3. I’m using iPhone 11 now and it’s been really amazing. Only that I engage with the phone so much that the battery doesn’t go for a day. Is there any secret to keep it lasting longer than this?

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