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20 thoughts on “BEST NOTE TAKING TABLETS! (2020)”
  1. 1. Microsoft Surface Pro –
    2. HP Envy x2 –
    3. Microsoft Surface Book 2 –
    4. Apple iPad Pro –
    5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 –
    6. M.Way Writing Tablet –

  2. does anyone knows if android or microsoft's os (for notetaking) is just the same as ios? I've notice from other vids that when they're writing on a samsung tablet (or any android devices) they do not rest their hand on the screen. but on ios (ipas air) they can rest their hand on the screen while writing

  3. Guys I need ur help.. I’m in med school and I need a tab for taking notes and study..not too much expensive though

  4. I've the habit of reading lots of web pages is there a way to scribble or mark on the web and pdfs while I'm reading and save the marked page for later.

  5. I find that most videos forget to mention huawei products so I will. Huawei mediapad m5 pro, mediapad m6 and m6 pro, and huawei matepad pro are all amazing products for note-taking. Based on my and my friends' experience I would recommend it to anyone who needs a cheaper alternative to iPad but still wants a competent, if not more competent, experience to the iPad.

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