BlackBerry KEY2 and Passport SE Comparison in 2020

BlackBerry KEY2 and Passport SE Comparison in 2020

This is my comparability video of the 2 best BlackBerries, The BlackBerry Mobile KEY2, and the BlackBerry Passport – in 2020. These two silver coloured units had been the perfect of the perfect that BlackBerry needed to supply, and in the present day, I’m right here to match them. Of course the BlackBerry Passport is working BB10, and the KEY2 is working Android, however there are a variety of similarities that may not be obvious at first look.

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47 thoughts on “BlackBerry KEY2 and Passport SE Comparison in 2020

  1. The Key2 was highly criticized on YouTube for being so expesive and full of lags, and very slow device well i guess key2 was just another failure from Blackberry or whoever the company that took over Blackberry now.

  2. Ya know, if they'd make a Key2 with today's hardware and the software updates for an affordable price, best believe Blackberry would be selling their phones like hot fresh baked bread . . .

  3. Doesn't the Key series have 3:2 screen ratio?
    the Key series wasn't very successful because they weren't that good. the KeyOne has big issues with screens falling off in the beginning and was patch-abandoned fairly quickly. I wonder if Key2 still gets patches.

  4. How often do you actually use your old phones? I have a few old blackberry phones and I switch my SIM about every three weeks to cycle through my phones

  5. hi friend i want to buy a bb but i dont know what model i liked the passport very but here its 299 eur used like new the silver edition,and the other option its key2 le 200 eu amazon very good condition,i need to use whats,twiter,youtube and discord what you recomend to buy?

  6. Hey TechOdyssey Enjoy your channel! I'd like to ask for your advise. I've had my Blackberry Passport for over 4 years now and still love it. Unfortunately my carrier has let me know the the old networks are being deprecated by 1/21 in favor of the new ones and my phone will no longer be compatible. So I'll need to upgrade my phone. The problem is which phone to get. I use my phone just as a phone, calls and texts from my family and friends, no web surfing, no checking emails, no games except for Chess if I'm stuck in a waiting room. Not a fan of the Fruit company and prefer an Unlocked phone. And of course as cheap as possible. Any suggestions?

  7. The only reason I moved from BB Passport to Key2 is the Whatsapp function that is no longer supported on BB10 devices. Overall, I loved the Blacberrries from Canada. The Key2 keyboard light are very dim and they do not feel as soft and good when typing. The Key2 camera also lacks luminescence the previous BB devices have. Thank you and big hugh from Mozambique.

  8. Watching this on my blackberry passport se…. Ilove this phone!! Ii will never get retired to use this phone… had androids, windows, samsung, sony, huawei, htc, nokia 925, nokia 950…. but my passport .. with its operating system is from my opinion the best!!!
    Greetings from Slovakia

  9. I am having a phone crisis ha ha.
    1. LOVE my Blackberry Keyone Black Edition!
    2. LIKE my Blackberry Key2 although I find it to be slightly dull
    3. WISH I could use my Classic but it just cant cut it anymore in 2020
    4. LOVE my Google Pixel 2 XL… Just cant fault the thing
    5. HAVE now an iPhone 11 Pro MAX – And LOVE it but I HATE the fact that I love it ha ha
    6. CANT live without my iPhone 7 Plus – There is just something about that phone that I love!

    So I am surrounded by phones and dont know what to use ha ha

  10. Hello my friend! Now i m using bb key2 and watching this video by key 2, also i have passport black edition, bb classic, and bb q5! And i love each of them! Thank u bro for your video, and that u dont forget blackberry!

  11. damn the passport is so beautiful.
    BB10 os. Every feature and action is so well thought out. There are no gimmicks there are no unnecessary steps or to get what you need to get done. That is what i most love about the OS. the efficiency.
    i have had the same number of email accounts set up in my classic and my android and i can see the difference of how the hub manages the accounts so well. hub integration with a few apps is also good

  12. These 2 are supposedly my main phones right now….since Im still on the hunt for cheap SE key2, its SE passport & keyone right now.
    They really have to make Android Passport before shutting it down…

  13. That's the one I wanted but unfortunately never got… I'd totally still use a passport todaybut the web browser is horrendous. I still line using the classic though!

  14. Great video as always….and don't hold your breathe for an Indonesian blackberry folks. If there was a new blackberry phone in the works we would have heard about it already as that would help their stock from trending negatively.

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