Blackberry KEYone vs Blackberry Priv - Speed Test!

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23 thoughts on “Blackberry KEYone vs Blackberry Priv – Speed Test!”
  1. I own both, and honestly I will stay with the Priv. The screen on the Priv blows away the Keyone, and the Rear Camera blows the Keyone away as well. The typing is smoother on the Priv. I have used the phones side by side for weeks, and I will sacrifice the 1 millisecond speed of the keyOne's CPU, for a more solid and dependable device. The Keyone has actually froze up on me more than once jumping back and forth between PDF and spread sheets. i have not experienced that problem on the Priv. It is amazing how people's opinions vary. I use my phones strictly for business. The priv and my Passport are business power houses! I play games on my PC or console. If you are using your phone for games, snap chat, etc, then the Keyone is a better choice. When running spread sheets that could cost you money, a little slower may be better. It is also worth mentioning, while you're comparing apples to oranges, the Priv will allow you to veiw the entire width of an document, due to it's larger vibrant Amoled screen. The Keyone will not, unless you reduce it down to strain your eyes. They are both nice devices , so you wouldn't go wrong with either. I actually carry the Passport most of the time for leisure. Many want to put it out to pasture, but with the newer android upgrades, it is still no sloucher, and I still find it will do pretty much anything I can do on my full android devices without side loaders. I am not replying to discredit your video. Just to add my 2 cents to it. i will be purchasing the new BB Motion in the next few days to see what it has to offer. thanks for your upload.

  2. I'm deeply conflicted. Priv has beautiful design, but software and hardware is marred. Keyone has speedy software and efficient hardware, but the design is a wee bit awkward.

  3. I just love how even with the 625 processor in the KeyOne, it STILL outdoes the S8 in the speed test. They truly optimised this phone, not to mention the battery life can last you TWO days without charging it!

  4. love your channel, always find your videos informative when i get curious about phones and their speeds, your videos usually pop up so thought i might as well subscribe and like 🙂

  5. If you consider that extra tenth of a second "leaving it standing," maybe you should take up wine tasting to better suit your need to be an insufferable snob

  6. The Priv is notorious for overheating especially when playing games or streaming videos. Any issues with the KEYone overheating with the same games/videos?

  7. Should compare the KEyone to the BB Classic or Passport.  Both non-slider phones.  KEYone is obviously a progression from the Q10 & Classic phones.  Priv physical keyboard sucked compared to the Q10 and Classics, so the KEYone was designed for those that had a Bold or want to continue from the Q10, Passport or Classic.

  8. Only time I ever got noticeably bad battery life on a Priv was when the Hub and Gmail were synching together. Once I turned that off, I'm going to bed with around 30-50 percent battery left; and that's consistent on two different Privs. The Moto X 2015 also had an 808 but got great battery life, too. Biggest issue with the 808 is definitely heat. once it gets hot, performance struggles from throttling. The 810 pulled the same shit and ruined the phones that had them because of that heat output.

  9. That priv running nougat yet ? Even the dtek60 isn't reason why I stay away from android all together. Love these phones but not willing to wait years for updates also that priv was super expensive when it came out .

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