Camera Comparison A5 2017 VS S7 Edge which is better?

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  1. Hello. I can get a Galaxy S7 for USD 100 more than the A5 2017. Am I getting value added for an extra $100 and Is it worth spending that additional $100 or just going for the A5 2017? Thanks.

  2. I also tried A5 (2017) after my S7 Edge got stolen on the Las Americas beach on Tenerife. The camera quality was unacceptable, stills we're hardly ever sharp and the video was basically unwatchable. Now when you get both A5 (2017 and S7 (without edge) for 349e in Finland, it's really no-brainer which one should I buy for my son. My own Galaxy S8 (paid 499e in after christmas sale) has very reliable, fast and accurate camera that produces pictures I like to watch, even if they're on the saturated side.

  3. why would samsung put a better camera on their mid range smartphones and not on their flagship omg that's what noobs don't get.Megapixels are nothing

  4. The camera in the A5 is a far better camera than both S7's I've tried shooting selfies and other objects and the detail in the pictures of the Samsung A5 well detailed and even better than a lot of other high-end model's , the camera to match or beat it is the Sony xz premium and I can't wait to get my hands on the New Sony xz premium with stereo speaker's .

  5. A5 2017 picture quality is good but s7 has stabilisation and 4k video recording, confused!!

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