Canon PowerShot SX430 IS (SX432 IS) Handling review & HD video samples

Canon PowerShot SX430 IS (SX432 IS) Handling review & HD video samples

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You can skip instantly to those time stamps, that are about:

0:18 – Handling
2:58 – Wi-Fi
4:12 – Noise efficiency
4:15 – Lens properties (macro magnification, lens aperture)
4:30 – HD video samples
9:09 – Photo samples .

49 thoughts on “Canon PowerShot SX430 IS (SX432 IS) Handling review & HD video samples

  1. It is a nice fun camera, but totally not impressed by the quality it shoots or films. Also the high iso looks like crap 1st class. what i like is it’s compact size and zoom is capability. Function is good. 720p recording is want we did in 2003, today’s minimum is 1080p. 25fps and not 60 higher. Zit had made a lots of trade off to get it this cheap. Overall for its price can’t go wrong with it. Modern smartphone shoots with a way more better picture quality.

  2. The camera is nice for $250, but doesn’t have the window to view what’s going on, only 720p 25 FPS video, max of 1,600 ISO, battery only capable of 135 shoots, and you can’t change the lenses if you want to improve it for the future

  3. Great review. Head is tossed between this, Nikon b500 or canon sx720. I plan on using it just for occasional use , mainly when I go on holidays and what not. Mainly for pictures with people and great views. Which do you think would suit me best? I have samsung galaxy s8. Am I going to get basically same quality pictures or should I invest in a camera? I have holidays with some amazing spots coming up so dont want shitty or blurry pictures either

  4. Just got one, nice zoom but cant take good images of basic moving objects. Even after trying different settings. Example, someone waving.

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